Minecraft AWESOME! Survival Christmas Special!

December 26, 2012 in Minecraft Survival, Video Games AWESOME! by

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14 responses to Minecraft AWESOME! Survival Christmas Special!

  1. The Youtube link goes to little inferno. Just for me!

  2. And so on this live show the saviors of VGA minecraftia was born.
    He then brought about peace, love, and cake for all

  3. wow my 2nd year of video game awesome and awesome video

  4. I don’t know who is in charge of making thumbnails but he did an awesome job on this one.

  5. I watch this all on day off at school every at 7:30

  6. Welp,that was more vandalism than decorating xD

  7. That thumbnail sums up the episode quite nicely.

  8. At episode 5 time 24:16 music from Terraria

  9. It’s really impressive how far Becky has come from where she started. (And Ben, too!) I’d never have the patience to put together what she’s built. Major kudos!

  10. ya big ups to vga for not being new builders while still acting like they dont know waht there doing. also suggestion for next survival show, rebuild/butify the npc village
    protip, make a wall around the entire village

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