Far Cry 3 is AWESOME! – Episode 2

January 3, 2013 in Far Cry 3, Video Games AWESOME! by

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11 responses to Far Cry 3 is AWESOME! – Episode 2

  1. If they plan on continuing the series i think it fraser should do video games lonesome where he does the hunting for items just so on the next show they would be better equiped. (also first ,yay :D)

  2. What’s wrong with the chat during this episode?

    • There is nothing wrong with it, it just the Twitch.tv chat. As you may have noticed in the past shows the chat has frozen up and stuff like that, so during the beginning of the show everybody was sent to twitch to watch the stream instead.

    • on the day of the show, the vga site was under maintenance, and such the turbo chat was down and no one can get into it. so for the time, they used the twitch chat, until the site came back up, which they then switched the chat right after.

  3. Man,I think this game was on sale at one point recently…
    I missed out! D:

  4. As someone with the name Oliver, this episode was particularly weird.

  5. Burning a filed of marijuana with a flamethrower and getting high from the smoke, reminded me of GTA San Andreas.

  6. at the hand glider part it wasnt a glitch, you got to the drug plants so the the waypoint went away because ubisoft didnt think you would die there, but i have to agree that they should have sent you that far away from the drug plants.

  7. gotta say far cry looks really awesome so far. too bad for the characters though well maybe except josh, he’s not as unlikeable like the rest of the male cast. Ben looking good in a dress as ever. Just wondering, does he wear becky’s clothes for the show? Cause if he is, might be lose on the chest when Beck beck wears it.

  8. I laughed way too hard at “your turf is the bathroom in a shitty club?” and the tangent about what to order at a club in Bangkok. This game works really well for the show, I think

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