Hitman Absolution is AWESOME! – Episode 3

January 8, 2013 in Hitman Absolution, Video Games AWESOME! by

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6 responses to Hitman Absolution is AWESOME! – Episode 3

  1. How people find some of those easter eggs I’ll never know, I can understand shooting a nuke but everything else… I have no idea.

    • Interwebs :D

      But,I bet there is probably some guide from someone whom worked on the game that tells all the Easter eggs.
      (Shooting 2 shells and looking out a window?..Really?)

      Although,the bird shooting seemed easy enough to figure out.

  2. i man glad i could help the get the costume and fraser voice for it was so scare i was thinking to my self oh god what have i crated

  3. when will there be mor halo 4, black ops 2, and trials evolution! I want more! We all want more!p

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