Mass Effect 3 is AWESOME! – Episode 5

January 21, 2013 in Mass Effect 3, Video Games AWESOME! by

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3 responses to Mass Effect 3 is AWESOME! – Episode 5

  1. I’m liking the backdrops in general, don’t get me wrong and they can make for some pretty hilarious moments like embarressed Dante fleeing from the spit roast…
    But in a game like Mass Effect where you want to soak in the story, I’m afraid EDI could be too distracting. Maybe you wanna choose something that doesn’t stand out as much?

  2. If you go full on renegade regarding the genophage cure not only do you have to shoot Mordin in the back at the tower but also, Wrex finds out about the sabotage later on, and doesn’t survive when he confronts Shepard about it.

    All in all going renegade there is pretty grim.

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