Ni No Kuni is AWESOME!

January 23, 2013 in Ni No Kuni, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Does Drippy remind anyone else of Soul Eater’s Excalibur? Just a little bit?

  2. Well Fraser, current JRPGs have come a long way from being lazy, having cliche story lines and characters, and poor dubs. A lot have stepped away from the norm and have stood on top. Here a few: Persona 3 and Persona 4, Xenoblade Chronicles, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces F, Devil survivor 1 & 2, Shin megami tensei nocturne, Valkyria Chronicles (it more JRPG than rts), Demon’s souls, Dark souls, and a few more but the ones I list are the games you guys should really check out if you’re still doubting the quality of JRPGs. That said I’m happy to hear that Ni Ni Kuni, will too, stand among the best.

  3. You guys completely convinced me to get this game. So cool!

    • Awesome dude!!! I’ve been thinking about it so much since we played it! Can’t wait to get back to it in a month or two! (Gives you some time to play through first!)

  4. Wow. That Ni No Kuni graphic in the back is really distracting me.

  5. the awkward moment when my name is Oliver…

  6. Awesome preview, can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  7. ANyone have any enthusiasm to spare? I could use some.

  8. i cant wait to get this game also anyone from the uk who cant get it till next week you can get it on psn for 10 pounds more if you want

  9. Hands down, your best playthrough yet! That´s saying something.
    And what a great game!
    It´ll be hard to wait another week for the European release.

  10. I look forward to watching this after I start the game. . .eventually. ^_^;;

  11. Thank you very much Fraser for doing these ‘first looks’ at newer games. A lot of games you’ve gotten me to try out that i normally would and buy things after watching you guys play them. Skyward Sword, Dragon’s Dogma and this for certain to name a few. Much appreciated .

    I really love everything about this game. I’m excited to start my own adventure.

  12. This game is so amazing, so gorgeous! Damn, i wish my PS3 didn’t break so i could buy this piece of art. Also i really love your approach towards the first looks Fraser, us playing ahead of the next episodes helps you too i guess since we might provide more help when VGA is lost or needs help with something in future episodes and i agree with some opinions that the show is really about us seeing your reactions to stuff.

  13. Oh frashers listening to you make fun of every chractar in this game was a HOOT

  14. My copy just arrived! You guys solidifed my desire to get it :D

  15. I was telling my friend when I was watching this that I wanted this game so much because I love studio ghibli art and the story and the characters and stuff. He replies “But I recall you hated RPGs…And you don’t even own a PS3.” I whispered, “I know.” as I quietly sobbed into my hands.

  16. The style of this game is like Studio Ghibli and Dragon Quest IX had a baby and the MOTHER series raised it.

  17. Fraser’s accents sound like JFK pretending to be Australian.

  18. I missed this episode entirely! I don’t recall what I was doing a month ago but I missed this. I picked up Ni no Kuni this past saturday on a whim after talking to folks at Gamestop. I played through the first few hours (Further then this play through.. so maybe not a few hours.. geez I didn’t even notice how long I played) and I fell in love with this game. It is beautiful, I love the story and yeah Ollie is as dumb as a box of rocks but thats any character in a learning stage of the game.

    I am so happy to hear they will be playing this again soon. I really want to see their take on it.

  19. “Let’s go!” *Advertisement* OH, COME ON!!!

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