Phoenix Wright: Justice For All is AWESOME! – Episode 6

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  1. Wow, this case went South fast. It started off fine enough but I don’t know if the writers thought the circus setting was an excuse for excessive puns or if this case just got ignored in favor of bigger cases. And the last day of trial just goes all over the place. I tend to side with the game whenever Fraser comes across a sticky situation, but I agree with every point he makes; the game throws you into rediculous situations, and the game either assumes you’re a complete idiot or you get the barest of hints with convaluted solutions.

  2. I actually guessed that it would be the bust hanging on a rope that killed him when it was first introduced. But yeah, I gotta agree the logistics of it make no sense and the game seems to just expect you to make massive leaps in logic to get there. Also what the hell game people who plan to kill 18 year olds by dropping large weights on them are never sympathetic.

  3. I do think the story of this case is a bit interesting and more gray than you usually get with Ace Attorney, but I do agree with Fraser regarding the way the way the case unfolds in court. At least with case 2 the convoluted stuff makes some logical sense once you’re able to see the bigger picture. With this case, there are so many flimsy coincidences, and the convoluted way the murder actually happens is too much for me to swallow. Maybe the one area where I disagree is that I don’t think how Phoenix ultimately corners the criminal is that bad; however, I guess it’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back for you all? That would be understandable.

    Anyway, I think the next case is surprisingly straightforward for Ace Attorney; convoluted tricks aren’t why it’s awesome (though, of course, it is complicated at times). It’s probably my favorite case in the whole series.

    • You couldn’t have said it better when you said case 2-3 is convoluted. It’s more or less the entire premise of this case.
      Many complain about how it was a one-in-a-million shot that the circumstances would’ve happened in a way that Acro would be able to pin the blame on Max, but that’s just the point! Moe seeing the murder seconds after it happened, the cape snagging the bust (as well as Russel wearing Max’s costume in the first place), and Russel arriving instead of Regina were all factors that Acro neither anticipated nor planned for. Since the situation molded itself to blame Max for the murder, Acro simply rolled with it; in fact, many fans speculate Acro would’ve planned to turn himself in had he successfully killed Regina.

  4. Oh yeah, finally remembered my password!

    Anyway, I don’t know if anyone commented on it yet, but Franziska holds herself like that because her father did the same (when the bullet on his right shoulder is mentioned). I always found it very funny =P The luftballons joke works too, though lol

  5. Prefacing with an apology that my comment is going on a slight tangent.
    At the point where Fraser and the chat were stumped about the hat, Kshade seemed very aggressive about people snarfing and derping. While I agree that people should wait to provide the answer with a snarf, 2 things: 1, if the person is throwing out a possibility with a derp, they should be able to without problem, because derps are meant to be only educated guesses. 2, while the snarf system is a last resort option, the aggravation of the case, the frustration of the team, and the scenario at which Fraser was standing on his last bar of health seems to have been an optimal time for snarfs to be delivered. So to me it seemed that it was alright to snarf at that particular instance. Sorry if it sounds like I’m attacking Kshade or anyone else on the matter, but this out-of-the-ordinary scenario was particularly troublesome, and I hope that people wouldn’t attack others about it.

    • We can’t really let people use snarf whenever they feel like they should because they are, essentially, spoilers. It has led to a lot of trouble in the past and the rules were changed over a week ago. Some people haven’t gotten that memo yet though, so yeah, me and the others are currently enforcing this quite heavily. Especially in a game that is basically just figuring stuff out.

      It’s true that using derp when not asked isn’t nearly as bad as snarf, but, since it’s part of the snarf/derp system, it shouldn’t be used anyways. Just don’t say it if you’re guessing stuff without the gang asking for help.

  6. During the playthrough, I loved how the chat was trying to type the song “do you believe in magic”! It’s been quite a while since I heard that one, and it brought back some memories :)

  7. This case is awful. Too Gant-less….

  8. Poor Acro…


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