Mass Effect 3 is AWESOME! – Episode 12

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  1. …Is this supposed to be a very slow reading of Treasure Island? Or has something gone wrong?

  2. UMMMMMM DA FUCK IS THIS???????? Phil…….Treasure……..Island?

  3. So there was a theory that the reason that the colors didn’t match up to the paragon and renegade endings were because when the child was presenting the options he was the creator of the reapers and destroying them would be the renegade option while sparing them would be the paragon. The other theory was that before the extended editions extra cut scenes were added you were actually indoctrinated during the whole ending after getting hit by the laser and the option for renegade was actually you breaking free from their control so when you see Shepard in the rubble during that ending he/she was actually waking up after the blast.

  4. Being synthetic doesn’t make you not human, its like dues ex with augmentations or metal gear rising revengeance, it is the evolution of organisms, we will become that and Frasers choice was all but right, seriously the people who want to make it hard for synthetic organisms will just be stoppin evolution.

    • Plus i had ever watch this game be played and it is an awesome game, i love games like this even though i have a great annoyance with optional games this is the best series i have watched on the show, thankyou Fraser, Becky and Ben for playing this game.

    • Problem is that Shepard is never given proof that becoming half synthetic IS where evolution would lead. You are told that is it’s course by Catalyst which leads to another problem. Why is Synthesis portrayed as the best choice by the Catalyst? Because he believes so. He is biased and is showing one choice to be better than others in an attempt to manipulate Shepard into his way of thinking.

      As someone posted on Youtube, both Catalyst’s and Synthesis Shepard’s solution to the current problem end in the same way. Turning people into hybrids of organic and synthetic materials.

      Lastly, reapers aren’t defeated. In Synthesis ending they are still walking around with free will. Little is stopping them from resuming the cycle.

  5. ah well its over now. i won’t miss ME3 and I only watched about half of the play through because I hated the backward step in features I care about, the addition of features I felt were a complete waste of time for the franchise (mp), while acknowledging some things got a bit better.

    i have no desire to replay the series now or ever, but I am certainly glad I played ME2.

  6. Fraser’s initial ending was BY FAR the best part.

  7. I really don’t get why anybody would say that the Synthesis ending isn’t what the story has been heading towards. In a way that’s the moral of the Geth/Quarian conflict not to mention the only way to make sure that conflicts between organics and synthetics won’t ever happen again. Now everybody has at least the capabiliy to understand each others viewpoint and disregaring the space magic standpoint (yes, a wave of energy that creates synthetic parts out of nothing and integrates them in a way that makes sense is kinda stretching it) it doesn’t change the fact that Synth-Humans are still different from Synth-Asari. So the whole “Space Nazi Solution” doesn’t exactly work. At least in my opinion.

    I’ve also experienced the original ending, and while it left me with some questions it didn’t feel as terrible as most people made it out to be. It sure as hell was better then most big budget titles nowadays get, ending with lukewarm sequel bait and nothing else. The extended cut feels nice and it fixes most of the problems I had with the ending, even though the Normandy evacuation makes absolutely no sense.

    • It overrides the people’s free will and forcefully turns them into something else, while the Geth/Quarian peace shows that this is, in fact, not necessary for both sides to get along.

      I hate the ending because what the reapers says makes no sense in the light of that, and they don’t even let Shepard try and point that out to it. Also he’s terribly gullible, just accepting their terms. This is not a victory, this is a surrender on the enemy’s terms.

      • Well yeah, Shepard is way too gullible, then again it’s kinda the last straw, so I am willing to accept that kind of behaviour. The choice is pretty much between certain destruction of every civilization or hoping that the AI tells the truth. And with the Leviathan DLC it kinda becomes clear that the AI really has no reason to lie to you. It’s not like it has gone rogue, it is doing what it was created for.. just in a not very nice way.

        However, I’m still convinced that the Synth ending doesn’t overwrite peoples free will, it simply robs them of a choice. The ending pretty much tells us that people are still working towards there individual goals and that the races still live in their individual eco systems. As well as showing us that the reapers are actively helping with reparing the damage they have caused.

        In fact, I wouldn’t have liked a happy ending, meaning one that ends with maybe a last kinda climatic battle against TIM and then space magic happens and everythings fine. I like the notion of sacrifice and having to adapt to the new nature of the universe. It feels more appropriate in the face of a conflict that has lasted longer than anybody can imagine.

        I’m pretty sure that we are not going to see eye to eye here, but it’s not like I don’t see where you are coming from ^^; so no offense intended ;)

        • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a not so happy ending. In fact I’ve made up my own that is far from happy. The issue with the Leviathan telling you about who/what the reaper entity (the kid) is is that, well, that wasn’t in the game originally and still costs money to add. It’s an okay-ish fix I guess, but I can’t really accept it as such with the price still attached and it being a retcon (or at least it seeming like one). I can see why people who haven’t experienced the game like it was without this and/or the extended cut not feeling the same way.

          But then again! I didn’t mean those people lose their free will permanently, it just is what you said: A decision forced upon them. And that’s not cool in my book, especially if it might very well mean that you’re now sharing your mind with an AI or something (we don’t know how far this all goes). Also, well, you’re Commander Shepard, and you’ve got an amazing crew to back you up! Would Kirk succumb to this? Picard? Even that bloke from Enterprise? No! They would stand against it, even if it’s just out of despair and principle. They would distract the entity while Tali and EDI are hacking it. They would try to converse with it, pointing out how their logic is flawed. They would not just go “oh well, I take the green pill, thanks villain of the story!”.

          That’s where I’m coming from, at least.

          • It could have happened like that, sure and you are right, under normal circumstances Shepard would have come up with something, or one of the crew members. But Shepard was as good as dead and the crew wasn’t there. An ending like the one you’ve described would certainly fit the trilogy as well, but I think it would have disappointed a fair amount of people simply by feeling too easy. We have to assume that the Leviathan would have hacked the AI if it was possible. After all, their species was one of the first to be targeted. Mind you, I am not exactly positive if I remember the stance the Leviathan took on the issue correctly.
            Also, talking your way out of the problem might be a staple of the franchise, but again, you have to assume the Reapers and by extend the Reaper AI have heard just about every attempt to reason with them over the course of all the cycles.

            But you are right, their would have been better ways to end the trilogy, but we are stuck with what we have and I for one can live with it. As for the mind sharing, well like you said we don’t know how far it goes or exactly how it works. So it is up to every players imagination until BioWare gives us an official answer. I like to go by the philosophical definition of “Synthesis” as it would pretty much include biological and synthetic gaining an understanding for each others viewpoints.without necessarily losing their own.

            • mind share with honey boo boo.

            • Yeah, that would’ve been too easy, but maybe the whole thing was a bad idea to begin with and railroading the player into taking one of the paths presented by the reapers pretty much shows that.

              That said, I guess it’s sorta alright with the added material and retcons? At least they fixed some glaring issues with the original ending, like having everybody die of starvation.

  8. Since you’ve brought back HD on this site again, I prefer to watch it here.
    In fact, I would do so right now, but there are no videos! Just a silly 5-second crappy CGI clip.

  9. It just says “test movie”

  10. To be honest, I liked the ending. I liked it because it does show the gravity of the situation. There is no right choice. Every choice there leads to a loss for humanity in some way. I feel like this was BioWare’s way of making you lose without actually making you lose. Either way you’re fucked. Anyway, I may just be overanalyzing it or giving Bioware too much credit, but that’s just my opinion.

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