Lego City Undercover is AWESOME! – Episode 3

May 11, 2013 in Lego City Undercover, Video Games AWESOME! by

Part 28 - One Small Job for Chan!

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  1. Haven’t seen this scene yet, but I’m guessing Fraser said something uncomfortable, as usual. =P

  2. “What do you think of those Brazilians?

    There’s a brazillion of them.

  3. A movie where a Russian did something good?
    Enemy at the gates.

  4. Nah, we do know what the games are.. our problem is really the security. x(

  5. I am pretty much a LEGO City Undercover guru so if you guys let me know when Episode 4 will be streaming live, I might be able to hang out and provide tips when you’re lost. :)

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