Blood Dragon is AWESOME!

May 13, 2013 in Blood Dragon, Far Cry 3, Video Games AWESOME! by


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Far Cry 3 ... Blood Dragon

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  1. Good game,I’m very happy I went with this instead of Far Cry 3 itself! xD

  2. This proves it. publishers should release more standalone experiences based on an existing like this for 15 bucks so developers can get more expremental.

  3. Lucky and Wild is the arcade driving/shooting game that Kyle was wondering about. My step-brother and I pumped so many quarters into that machine growing up.

  4. Fraser pretty much summed this game up perfectly when he said that this game is what Duke Nukem Forever should have been.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the writer for Far Cry 3 said that he was criticizing the “Mighty Whitey” trope, not violence in video games.

    • Don’t get me wrong he’s still acting like an asshat, but it’s not about criticizing violence in gaming (if I’m correct) it’s because he’s saying people who are criticizing the story “Just don’t get it”.

  6. They’ll scam you because if you buy something it will end in a 3 … but if you buy two it will end in a 6. Or it will end in a 4 … and if you buy 3 it ends in a 2 … They’d have to work really hard to backtrack the prices (and factor in taxes) to have stuff always round up, especially since buying multiple products will probably cause the always round up thing to round down instead. They might be able to make the most common purchases round up, but it’s a lot of effort to get extra pennies (also, completed negated by people using a debit or credit card).

    Ultimately, if a company always rounded down, the time saved from not using pennies would offset a good chunk of that cost. So they are making money even if they break even on the transactions. Heck, you can ‘work’ the system and only pay cash if it’s in your favor, and use your debit card when it isn’t. Superman III it ain’t. For a company, it could be, but there isn’t a great way to make your products always round up, since people don’t have to buy each item individually. 3 or 4 or 8 or 9 after taxes can be added together and end up with 1 or 2 or 6 or 7, not to mention 5 or 0. Also, if they had weird prices that weren’t like the 99, 98, 95 type endings people normally expect, they’d get suspicious.

  7. Blood Dragon, it’s SO 80’s, it needs it’s metascore to be in the 80’s.

  8. It’s Futuristic Hawaiians

  9. I’d get this for PC on Steam, but then again…Uplay…

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