Spring 2013 Show and Trailer!

May 20, 2013 in Show & Trailer, Video Games AWESOME! by


Watch it HERE! ... Watch it on YouTube!

Check out the AWESOME music of Starship Amazing

Check out veryverysubtle for the AWESOME Earthbound Doomsday Trailer

Make it BIGGER! ... Individual Embeds!

Playstation Meeting 2013 Show and Trailer ... Spring 2013 Show and Trailer ... Xbox One Reveal Show and Trailer

5 responses to Spring 2013 Show and Trailer!

  1. Thanks for the extra long Show and Trailer.

    I am recovering from food poisoning and being able to watch this cheered me up.

  2. Earthbounds finally getting a European release. I cannot wait.

    Thanks to you guys for introducing me to this awesome game.

  3. The Call of Duty trailer. I think it is funny how so called trained, and maybe elite soldiers, stand in the open posing and the NCO turns on a red flare for no other reason than pulling down his mask…

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