Xbox One Reveal Show and Trailer!

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  1. I just came across this article:

    Which states that Microsoft vice president Phil Harrison said the following statement: “I can give that disc to somebody else – maybe my son who has his own Xbox One somewhere else in the house – and he can install and play it on his machine. I can come to your house with that disc, I can install it on your machine and we can play it and while I’m with you we can have all of the capabilities of that game,”

    This would implicate that lending games on Xbox (One) is possible. What do you guys think?

    • Along with that installation though,the son would have to pay a fee. Its not really lending games.

      • Not to mention the fact that if you’re logged into someone else’s account they probably won’t be able to play their games…may work for some people but the majority reason for people to own a console is so everyone has one. This just shortens the number of buyers imo. Either way its not real lending of a video games and its just bizarre business practice. I can install all of my steam stuff through my steam account on someone else’s computer but i can’t play my steam games (legally) without being logged in as well.

    • well like steam, you log into your account on someone else’s comp and install and play but you have to LOG IN and be online

  2. I can’t quite get a read on Kyles face for the thumbnail. Everyone else, surprised, angry, confused.
    But Kyle, not a clue.

  3. From Don Mattrick, on the Xbox One not being backwards-compatible:

    • What an asshole. Let me get this straight: I enjoy playing classic games or even games released a little before the next gen console. I can’t play those on the new console, because it’s not backwards-compatible. Somehow I’m backwards (typically meaning wrong or backwards thinking) because I would like that? If you don’t want to prioritize backwards-compatibility just say that. There’s no reason to insult the people who would like it.

      • You may have a point about it being a douchy move to make such a comment, however, keep in mind that backwards-compatibility is not a industry standard, SNES couldn’t plays NES games and the N64 couldn’t play NES/SNES games as well (I know there are other examples that do have b-c, but my point is just that the Xbox One is not a weird exception).

        • I believe LordPils is just upset, and rightly so, that Mattrick insulted people for even wanting it period. It just shows a lack of respect for consumer opinion to basically announce “Your idea is stupid and wrong!”

          • to be fair its a completely different chipset, now why Digital downloads and XBLA cant be transferred over is a mystery to me.

            • I’m guessing it’s because they didn’t want to put extra hardware into the new system to provide backwards compatibility. The 360 and this are quite different it seems (beginning at the CPU architecture).

        • The Game Boy Advance could play ALL Game Boy games (even those with motion sensor… they just weren’t very effective). Even the DS was compatible with GB games until the DSi. The PlayStation 2 could play PlayStation 1, The PlayStation 3 could play PS2 before and can STILL play PS1 games. In fact, consoles starting at PS2 until today (GCN and X-360 excepted) had backward compatibility (remember, even if PS# lost PS2, it still had PS1). Handheld wise, the 3DS is backward compatible with the DS. Even the Vita had some degree of backward compatiblity with your digital PSP games.

          If this ain’t considered standard, I don’t know what is.

        • Fair enough it’s not industry standard, but my issues (as rav3ntail pointed out) was that he insulted people for wanting it, I’m not even personally insulted by it. I honestly didn’t expect it to be backwards compatible and I’ll likely be buying a PS4 at some point which isn’t backwards compatible. It was stupid to insult potential customers from a business standpoint, all he would have had to say was “We don’t wish to prioritize backwards compatibility” or “We don’t want to increase the cost of the console to make it backwards compatible” two statements which don’t directly offend the customer.

          • And that’s why I said: “You may have a point about it being a douchy move to make such a comment”. ;) Because I agree with the fact that he should have chosen his words more carefully. But that’s the whole reason this shitstorm has been going on for MS: complete and utter shitty PR.

        • Sure, it didn’t start with backwards-compatibility, but it was a company standard after those examples.

          Wii played Game Cube games, Wii U plays Wii games, PS3 plays any PS game, I think. Xbox 360 plays Xbox original games, and computers play classic computer games.

          Backwards-compatibility was the past, just not the beginning.

  4. I have to install every game to play it? Okay great, let’s see how much that running plus the save files takes to completely obliterate that 500 MB hard drive. Not to mention all the apps that you’ll want me to install.

  5. Lol whatta thumbnail.

  6. I never liked Xbox in the first place, I always stuck to PS3s and PCs. But seriously? wow

  7. Wow.. what is microsoft even trying to do? People not interested in games wouldn’t buy a console in the first place, especially not just to watch tv and casual gamers are now brushed off by fees and account limitations. If anything, it’ll just increase the amount of xbox accounts being hacked (and sold on ebay)..

    • Well technically, a lot of people did buy 360s and PS3s just to use as media hubs, netflix/hulu boxes, bluray players. However, most people did that to get AWAY from the hyper-inflated cost of cable TV. Adding TV functionality doesn’t seem like a great selling point to that market. And while the interface looks neat, I can’t imagine those people seeing it as a must-have feature that they’re willing to spend $400-500 to get, when their current system works just fine.

      • I thought Roku was more popular? Though I don’t know much about it. Here in my country people are still using computers for netflix and such (like my neighbour, who put one of those big white cases in his living room lol).
        Ahh, I don’t know. Even if it were the case, prioritizing other features over the games feels.. odd, to say the least. Maybe they do have plans, but after the no used games policy, I don’t have much hope for the future.

  8. I like how many people are apologizing for the XboxOne and the business practices going along with it. I’m a PC gamer and its easy for most of us to see how badly console users are getting screwed. I”m not big on consoles but i have enjoyed this gens consoles, i own all of them, mostly because of their exclusives that only exist for those consoles. I can’t really see myself getting any of the next gens consoles right now much less an XboxOne. As Joe said they really did just make it an expensive and crappy PC.

    I do feel bad for people who like this gens consoles and it sucks since consoles already try to screw you over with their overpriced games just for the sake of being overpriced. And that isn’t just me talking, Fraser himself mentioned it and i do it as well. I got Skyrim on release for $40 not to mention the ability to mod it while console users had to pay $60, and poor PS3 people don’t even get any of the DLC available to them. The one advantage consoles had over PC is that you could share like in the old PC days. Now they are taking that away too.

    DRM sucks no matter what and it doesn’t help sales it only hurts them there is more than enough proof. I can only hope people stop apologizing for this XboxOne and don’t buy it.

    I am also interested in seeing the SteamBox now. Since this Xbox is essentially a PC anyways and not to mention you get the sweet deals that Steam “always” has going on. I think with the way next gen consoles are heading the SteamBox could easily compete, especially since its got a lot going for it and especially sense the console market seems to be heading towards more DRM practices.

    That’s my 2 cents. I don’t mean to offend any if i did. I love gaming in general and love what can be done with it but i absolutely hate these terrible business practices. Especially when all gamers are getting screwed over for nothing really.

    • I would be very interested in the Steambox too. Since now I have absolutely no plans to get a One (god it’s awkward sounding already) so this new gen for me will be PS4 and PC. Assuming Sony doesn’t do this second hand fee BS.

      But actually seeing a Steambox hit the market will be a difficult thing. I can’t see Sony and MS, especially MS, not fighting against it tooth and nail. If anyone can do it I believe Valve can, but it’ll be a hard fought victory.

  9. The only things that made me happy during this show was the gans commentary and Becky’s awesome Mighty Boosh shirt.

  10. My only connection to internet is one of those mobile thingies on my laptop, and so I have to update my PS3 via USB flash drive. Yeah, always online concole sounds really promising.

  11. And this is the reason i found Fraser’s reaction to be fairly out of place:

    “Xbox One games will require regular authentication checks, used games won’t have a fee”

    Multiple sources gave multiple statements contradicting each other. It was very clear that Microsoft simply hasn’t decided yet, just as Sony didn’t have a few months ago.

    The way Microsoft told us they had no idea yet was a PR disaster, no doubt about that. But that the whole gaming community and many, many internet personalities (such as Fraser and Angry Joe – whose video i find to be really, really embarassing. It’s like watching Francis without the knowledge it’s just staged) decided to jump on the bandwagon and just post these quotes as facts.

    There were multiple quotes contradicting each other, yet everyone decided to believe the worst possible outcome – simply because it was the most entertaining, the easiest to freak out about. It was sensationalism at it’s finest and i really wished Fraser would have been one of the people who kept a cool head and tried to collect facts instead of spouting any snippet of news someone may or may not have posted.

    • They, that is Microsoft, is to blame here. There’s still sources that claim that there is indeed a hefty fee to pay.

      • That’s exactly my point: There are dozens of sources saying dozens of things. It’s very clear there is no policy yet and that it is all speculation.

        As i said, it’s unbelievable how stupid some of Microsofts employees seem to be, with them just saying whatever they think is right, without having any real confirmation.

        However, instead of making a note of the fact that there are various sources saying various things, people just decided to believe the worst possible scenario and state it as fact. That’s my point.

        • There is a theory going around that this is all a ploy by MS to test the waters. The fact there are multiple quotes that seem to largely contradict each other gives more weight to this theory.

          If this is indeed MS just seeing how consumers respond then the outspoken outrage by Fraser and the rest of the community is a good thing. It’s telling MS these potential policies and features would be a bad move and hurt sales. Again, this is all speculation as well since we can neither confirm or deny any of this yet. MS may be using the whole internet as one big focus group, or they are indeed going forward with all of these hated new elements.

          Then again they also forgot to nab the actual domain name for the Xbox One official site…

        • I have a video game show, should I not react to the information available at hand? In addition, you have been watching my vlogs I have been speculating on both worst and best case scenarios. Heck I even painted a utopian scenario on the show, where I tend not to be as balanced. It seems that to your own point, you are only REMEMBERING what you foudn most entertaining about my reactions.

          • I’m not saying you are inheritly biased towards or against MS as i think you are a fairly objective guy as long as you are not in Frage-Mode ;) However you – and pretty much the whole Internet, so this is a very general complaint – jumped on any information that painted MS in a bad light. Even though there were different, contradicting statements from MS employees, people decided to pretty much ignore the statements that weren’t as dramatic and horrible in favor of the statements it was easier to rage against.

            If you look at the situation now Microsoft stands at pretty much exactly the same point Sony is. They don’t know how to handle these areas yet, just as Sony didn’t 2 months ago. But while Sony simply said “We don’t know yet” a few Microsoft employees decided just to say whatever they thnk could or could not happened. That was stupid beyond belief but again, i’d rather see an internet culture that was reactionary and checking their sources once or twice before stating these things – as you do in the teaser image – as facts.

            • That’s just it, what solid sources are there to check in this regard? Everything that has come out is being contradicted and the only thing close to an official statement is “Check back with us later.” How are people suppose to react to all this? Granted it all may not come to pass, but in that case the people most outraged will simply have mud on their face, no real harm done. But if all this does come to pass then it’ll greatly effect how games work for this new generation, and the generations to follow.

              Frankly I’d rather take my chances looking like a fool in favor of losing my consumer rights. Especially if my reactionary opinion helps to keep those rights and preserve a hobby I love.

    • I find it extremely difficult to accept that Microsoft was somehow unprepared to answer these questions. The rumors about always-online and used game restrictions were circulating months in advance of the launch event. Surely if they were still considering their actions, they would’ve put a moratorium on discussion of such topics until they’ve hammered out the details – giving employees a prepared statement about how nothing has been decided at this point.

      I posit that the conflicting reports are not in-fact confusion among the ranks at Microsoft, but rather an intended part of the launch strategy. They know full-well that draconian DRM will turn off a lot of people from buying their console. I believe they have every intention of implementing such features. Instead of coming out and giving it to us straight, taking the brunt of the backlash, they’ve chosen not to clarify anything while leaking vague reassurances like, “The ability to trade in and resell games is important to gamers and to Xbox” – while promising details in the future.

      Their hope is that people will react exactly as you have, not accepting the worst of the reports and staying neutral while waiting for more information. Unfortunately, if I’m correct, the next step in that strategy is to remain as vague as possible right up to launch. Then when the system is out and individuals who buy it confirm that yes, in-fact it does restrict used games as originally reported – Microsoft will then make a statement about a feature to support sharing and resale that they just couldn’t manage to get out in-time for launch. No time-frame right away, but it’ll be coming in a future update. Months pass, maybe years – then quietly they announce that they’ve scrapped plans for said feature. At that point they’ve already hooked everyone who gave them the benefit of the doubt and bought on the premise.

      Obviously this is all speculation. But it’s really only two options. Either Microsoft is utterly oblivious to everything happening around them, and completely incompetent in their PR – or they’re doing it on purpose. If they’re doing it on purpose it can only be to cover something up. They would only cover something they don’t want us to know or believe. The worst-case reports about the console’s DRM is certainly something that they’d benefit from us not knowing or believing.

  12. It seems like Sony’s got their own reaction to the Xbox reveal. And it is glorious.

  13. It gets better, Frash…

    They can’t mass market it:

    Apparently whatever Esram they’re using. *no idea what that is* Aren’t reliable for the XBoxOne Mass market. Aka: They can’t make the system with this component that’s apparently very important to the system. And they’re six months behind schedule with XboxOne…

    Wow, Xbox, I love you, but wow…

  14. In the announcement, he said the best game franchise is COD. In sale records, #1 is the Super Mario series, 2nd is Pokémon, 3rd is the Wii ___ series, 4th is the Sims, 5th is GTA, 6th is Need for Speed, 7th is Tetris, 8th is COD. You’re a bit behind 1st, COD, like 142 million copies behind.

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