Lego City Undercover is AWESOME! – Episode 5

May 25, 2013 in Lego City Undercover, Video Games AWESOME! by

Part 44 - Tunnel Blackwell!

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  1. Holy crap i was just rewatching Four Swords episodes and in EP6 part 64 Fraser told the exact same story about not going to the beach from his childhood weeeird, i really feel sorry for you Frashy, all those stories about your child days ;) Can’t wait for the ending of this playthrough!

  2. holey crap it is so awesome

  3. We learnt keyboard in our Music classes (ages 11-14, I think)
    They had around 10 in the room and we’d share each between 2-3 people.
    Barely learnt anything in those classes though – Partly because, being the asshole kids, which all kids are, we just dicked around and partly because the teacher never paid attention to more than one or two of the kids anyhow.

  4. And that Ben Dad grew up to be… Bens Dad :D

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