Nintendo at E3 is AWESOME!

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  1. Its starts at 0:19:40 :)

  2. Oh god didn’t see your post Evil Hamster sorry…That’s embarrassing :p

  3. Every time E3 shows are on its always right before i have to go to an exam x3!

  4. how long, till non-turbos can see it?

  5. i missed it due to school, please god PLEASE upload this ASAP! i need it.

  6. It was nice to see that Fraser’s hatred of everything had subsided once the show began. That lonesome show hurt.

  7. Sorry but after the mediocre brawl they have a lot to catch up. If this is another brawl instead of melee colour me not interested. Also another Retro DKC, you couldnt have broken my heart in a more serious way. You have one of the best developers in the world on your hand, and you make them rehash titles like you do with ALL your other inhouse studios?!? Seriously?!? Give at least one studio some freedom for gods sake maybe then you will produce worthwile titles again. Nintendo, I love you; but it is getting really hard to support you lately without the rose coloured glasses on.

  8. dammit fraser! dont hate on pokemon!

  9. I think Fraser is being too hard on Nintendo for having some games in 2014 and the games that will come out are ones he can’t put up on Youtube. Nintendo got on cool games I want now so i will get a WiiU. In terms of presentation, the Nintendo Direct is very poor for a E3 announcement since it just basic info and a showcase. Next year they need to have a conference.

  10. Did i miss something, or did he not show wind waker HD?

  11. No sorry, there’s no way in hell as long as we take our fanboy glasses away that Nintendo won Xbox event.
    Xbox brought a lot of new IP’s and more games than I would have ever thought from them. Content wise they even won Sony when speaking just E3.

    Very very dissapointed with Nintendo at the moment. I really thought they were going to get it right here. They will and can survive this console gen, but money wose they can’t invest anywhere near as much if WwU flops like it looks to do. It’s different situation with MS that has over 47 billion net cash reserves and just made their record profits last quarter.

    Nintendo needs to have its cash reserves to be free and independent. That’s why they can do what they do.

  12. Some just want to see a new fun game with a proven lineage, some want to be wowed by a showy trailer for a new IP. Different strokes and all.

    However, I think it’s the size and variety of the industry, not any one or more players, that has contributed to a lack of overall enthusiasm. Fraser is unenthusiastic for Nintendo’s franchise reiterations. I’m unenthusiastic for almost every upcoming new IP from the major publishers. There are some people who don’t blink an eye over anything indie. Still others can’t stand anything with graphics and art design that’s not cutting-edge, ultra-real, or contemporary.

    As long as some part of the industry has a sizable following, I can’t knock that part for existing. There’s enough room for all of us to get what we like.

    That said: Nintendo’s got tons of cash and tons of in-house talent (Shiggy has been mentoring folks), and they’ve outsourced many big games to other developers. I’m very curious as to what’s holding up its pipeline. Third-parties have effectively demanded Nintendo expand the Wii U’s base all on its own, so you’d think Ninty would pick up the pace.

    As for the company’s showmanship: I really like what Nintendo has done here. Would I like a big stage performance more? Maybe. But I have enjoyed the decision this year to provide a quieter, more personal dissemination of information. With this approach, I don’t feel like I’m being marketed to like a pigeon; I feel like I’m being talked to like a person.

  13. @End of Part 2: Fun fact. Back in high school we had a blind kid who could actually beat many of the normal kids in racing games.

    So…yeah, apparently blind people can play racing games.

  14. Are they going to play super smash bros 4 when it comes out

  15. If nothing else, this E3 brought us SWERY65 in a warp pipe. Nintendo wins after all?

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