Animal Crossing: New Leaf is AWESOME!

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Part 6 - Play With Friends!

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  1. Some of the long load times at the mini-game “briefing” was my fault. (Didn’t know we each had to click through the speech bubble)

    Sorry. :(

  2. Show starts at 17:06 c:

  3. Show starts at 17:05 peoples.

  4. The blood bath begins at 16:33

  5. Insanity starts at 17:06 or so

  6. Yes! Thank you guys for playing this!!! ^ – ^)/

  7. Sorry I missed the show, I was at work ;_; Maybe you can visit my town some other time

  8. DISCLAIMER: The following is completly hypothetical. I’m just applying my networking knowledge to diagnose the syndromes we witnessed earlier.

    You know, after watching, I think I kind of understand how online works in Animal Crossing. Instead of being server based like Kid Icarus Uprising or Mario Kart 7, the host 3DS serves as server. Because of that, you must first go to the usual save procedure to make sure you lose no data when going online, but before it tells you it’s done saving, the game begins sending the server 3DS the entire data of its village to the client 3DS to make sure that everyone has the exact replica of the map (to avoid missing chunks like in Minecraft for example). Then, it must synchronize with the clients to make sure to keep lag to a minimum WHILE STILL saying that it’s saving. So, in fact, the saving message is misleading as hell. This also means that the saving between entering and leaving depends of eachother’s connection.

    So why does such a system makes sense? First, that method reduces the lag (most of the time) while playing. If the data was stored in an actual server, that would mean that the clients would have to wait on the host 3DS to be done updating the data on the server before they can update themselves. Instead, the host 3DS simply updates its local memory and sends the info to the clients directly. The other advantage is that you are no longer dependent of Nintendo’s network once the session is underway. If their system goes down for a minute, you won’t notice a thing on your side since you’re only connected. The only reason you need to connect to Nintendo is to access the list of Open Towns from your friend list. If you close your gate, I’m guessing that this turns off your connection with Nintendo, but keeps your session with your visitors intact.

    That being said, that method comes with a price: the time a 3DS takes to do the prep work (sending data and syncing with other clients) is a lot longer (and it gets longer the more people it has to sync with) and it’s completly dependent of each player’s connection. A 3DS doesn’t have the power of a server like the one we use for Minecraft. Therefore, it takes it more time to get you connected with your friends. That being said, hosting the session in a server could cause other issues. First of all, the host would need to send updates to the server before clients could get those updates, raising the lag time. Second, if the server somehow gets your map corrupted, the host is less likely to notice that the info is wrong and the clients then can end up with glitches or innacurate information.

    As for the Resetti crash, it’s obviously an anti-cheat device. Since the game of someone who loses connection doesn’t save, there could be an huge exploit where someone goes to your town, gives you a 10k shark then kills his connection by unplugging his router. He loses the session and is sent back home without a save meaning he keeps his shark while if your session maintained, you end up with a brand new shark. They didn’t take the chance: they cancel everything and make sure people return to the last save. That’s why being able to trigger the save in session exists.

    Of course, these are just my guest. It could be running a totally different way. I’m just trying to explain something from a black box perspective.

  9. Aaaw, I’m disappointed I couldn’t join in on all the fun and terrible loading times. Oh well, gotta do whatcha gotta do!

    Also, 11 years of playing Animal Crossing and I had NO idea that Gyroid’s name was Lloid. It would be better if it was spelled with a “y” though. ;)

  10. Aww man I missed it all, damn you work. I am in love with this game!

  11. I came into this expecting to see a show as profane, obscene, and outright offensive as the first VGA Animal Crossing episode … I was not disappointed and it was hilarious. Keep it classy VGA. XD

  12. Is it just me or does a bit of the music remind any of you of 101 Dalmatians? Specifically makes me think of the beginning scenes and then Cruella Deville song.

  13. I was watching this live and of course at the moment Fraser was drawing breast and a penis on a dress my mum walked in.


    Eff you Tom Nook.

    I was concidering buying the game because I’ve never played any Animal Crossing game before and I just got 3DS XL, but I don’t think I’d enjoy the game much.

  15. what is your friend code is tall me right now ok please

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