A Hat in Time is AWESOME!

June 18, 2013 in A Hat in Time by

Part 1 - A Hat in Time is AWESOME!

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  1. ♪Gonna get Hat in Time *Huey Lewis Hip Hop* Gonna get Hat in Time ♪

  2. Starts again (for realsies) at 1:04.

  3. It goes like this… I skip to the time code, let it load up for a few minutes. Then I come back and wanna start it up and like a dumbass, I click the center of the stream instead of the play button and it takes me to the Twitch site. Every. Frikkin. Time. :(

    • I have similar troubles. I also prefer watching the show when it’s broken up into segments so you can keep track of where you are if you need to continue watching later. The only benefit of Turbo View is it comes out earlier. I guess that might be a big deal to some people, but not me. I actually prefer to wait for the regular upload.

  4. I don’t want to be a bummer but despite their kickstarter doing well it doesn’t mean it enough money to keep them developing the game for no more than a year at best. Not to say that other kickstarter game were able to get their game running like FTL but games take up a lot of time and money and 140000+ isn’t going to last long unless the team is really good at budging. Still I do want this game to do well. So good luck Gears for Breakfast.

  5. What is up with all the kickstarter shows?

    Also a year or so ago You guys showed off a kickstarter for a game, and mentioned something about maybe being in it.. I can’t recall what the game was called…. Anyone have any information on it. What it is called, if it is done yet, and if Fraser will be playing it?

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