Deadpool is AWESOME!

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  1. Show starts at 16:27

  2. I have to admit, as someone who has never really liked Deadpool as a character I’ve laughed more at the first hour r so of this game than any of the comics of his I’ve read, I guess Nolan North’s really adds a lot but the humour in the writing does seem kinda sharper than usual too.

  3. Do they ever realize that they’re playing on the second hardest difficulty and not on normal? Nobody in the chat seemed to realize it either…

  4. So why does this game have bad reviews anyway? Even the gameplay is a parody of itself!

    • It kinda the problem with it and this goes with most games making fun of game mechanics where it saying how bad this type of gameplay is when the game itself isn’t good at it either.

      I give Deadpool the game come credit at being mostly funny on faithful with Deadpool. However, it the only thing it gets right when you spending time with pretty low quality of gameplay.

  5. Is anyone else not having the video come up?

  6. wow this deserves an 8 in my book, but reviewers are giving hell. why? its like metal gear rising, people just don’t know how to have fun. especially since its $10 – $20 cheaper than other new games. :/

  7. It’s funny really, Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us are considered as strong GOTY candidates but both games have mediocre gameplay that only a small handful of reviewers dare mention, meanwhile Deadpool is getting a ton of flak for having the same issue. I guess a strong story is enough to proclaim a GOTY even though the G stands for ‘Game’? And speaking of story, Deadpool has a good and faithful story and writing as well, but because it is a comedy and not drama it is overlooked.

  8. this has made me buy the dead pool comics this review thank you

  9. This game’s exhausting just to watch, never mind trying to play and keep up with all the dialogue.

  10. ‘What a stupid and noob like thing to do.’ Fras….Deadpool 2013.

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