The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is AWESOME!

August 21, 2013 in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Video Games AWESOME! by


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  1. Show starts @ 15:08!

  2. Shame about the game, really. I was actually looking forward to it after they announced the changes (and Enemy Unknown) :/

  3. Disappointed with the game, but you guys did your best to keep it entertaining.

  4. Fraser starts off by saying not to write a game off because it’s different from previous game in series.

    Proceeds to sit and bitch constantly that it’s not exactly like the other game in the series.

  5. Such a darn shame. They force the action and take the tension and there isn’t really all the cool sense of progression and just a bunch of other stuff. I love XCOM and the idea of roaming around a base in 3rd person was cool and just a lot of other neat ideas that weren’t fully realized. It really does suck it didn’t do better cause i think it could have worked.

  6. I don’t know i kinda liked the game for being so cheesy but i say this not ever playing the other games
    It does look frustrating on some levels

  7. What’s a real shame is that now people like Yahtzee are going to be like “See, this is why you should never ever ever make FPS spinoffs of games in other genres” when the real problem is that they tried too hard to make it less like an FPS and more like the regular XCOM. If they had known from the start that there would be two games, they probably would have stuck with the original design.

    Doesn’t quite explain why the squadmates are escort-mission suicidal, though, especially given that they’d be even worse if you couldn’t tell them what to do. Maybe the support characters were originally meant to be practically invulnerable, or they deliberately stripped out some of the AI code to give you an incentive to give orders all the time, not realizing just how stupid they would be without it.

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