Beyond: Two Souls Demo is AWESOME!

September 25, 2013 in Beyond Two Souls, Video Games AWESOME! by


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  1. Show Starts @ 27:12!

  2. Haha,I love how these pictures always have everyone with the same expression except for one. xD

  3. Does this demo spoil some of the story?

  4. Really? No one said 180 degree rule? Come on chat, where were you on that one. Also, action movies tend to bend the rule by using special cuts, not break it.

  5. Oh my god, I totally know that cartoon on the TV! It’s a four-minute short animation called Fur, featured on the Gobelins youtube channel! And yes, the animation from Heavy Rain, called Pyrats, is also from Gobelins.

    Gobelins is a French animation school, by the way. I highly suggest looking up their channel if you like unique short animations, because they have a TON. :)

  6. You’re not pressing back to block because she’s not backing to block. If you back up to block then you would be thrown off balance by the strength of the attacker, look at the moves she makes ;)

    • As I said during the show, the direction she is moving is hard to perceive in many of the instances, by the time the action goes into slow motion.

  7. The cartoons featured in this game and heavy rain are graduation projects from the french animation school, Gobelins. Check out their youtube channel :)

  8. The testing scene at the beginning reminded me so much of the movie “Firestarter”. Except for the card sequence. When the woman picked the card with the wavy lines, all I could think of was the beginning of “Ghostbusters”. “It’s a….couple of wavy lines.” “I’m sorry. This isn’t your lucky day.”

  9. Uh…

    I thought you should know, none of your videos is working. At least for me. I clicked on it and it loads and then brings me to AskJeeves. I tried it on Blip with the same results.

  10. From what I heard is you can’t fail. It just changes the outcome

  11. I played the first few hours of the game last week (the final retail build) and I wasn’t overly impressed. The graphics and voice acting are improved over Heavy Rain, but I found that Heavy Rain was a much better experience and felt less linear. That said, the actual “Mission: Impossible” and “Bourne” stuff you do is pretty entertaining. I just hated all the parts that weren’t that.

  12. Im really exited about this game im not expecting too much but im sure its going to be great. I don’t really care about graphics or gameplay only voice acting and story and if both of them are good then im happy. You guys may think different and if you do then thats fine if we were all the same the world would be way more boring than it already is :)

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