Outlast is AWESOME!

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  1. Show starts @ 24:09!

  2. One of the scariest games I’ve played.

  3. Good luck at your run next week, Becky. I’ve got a 5K mud run coming up myself on Saturday.

  4. You know its a scary game when your first reaction to entering a room is ‘phew it’s okay, it’s just a headless dead guy’

  5. @3:19:00

    My love for all things Peanuts influenced my user name for this and other things requiring one. Snoopy as Joe Cool…I loved these parts as a kid.

    “Joe Cool, after school.
    Working in the supermarket, breaking the rules.
    Joe Cool, playin’ the clown.
    Just be careful of the shopping carts, they’re goin’ to bring you down.
    Yeah…goin’ for a ride now..”
    Source: http://peanuts.wikia.com/wiki/Joe_Cool_(song)

  6. Yeah jump scares? No thanks. To me it feels like such a cheap trick. Open a door and then LOUD SCREAM AND LOUD SCARY MUSIC AND FLASHING LIGHT, sigh. Amnesia was the first horror game that interested me and it hardly had any jump scares. So pumped for them to play Machine for pigs! :)

    • To be fair, Peluche, Outlast isn’t all about jumpscares. When playing through the game, I actually didn’t encounter too many jumpscares. Sure, there were a few, but what really freaked me out was how genuinely uncomfortable certain parts made me feel, and how other parts made me feel panicky, like in a “gotta get out, gotta hide” kind of way… it was probably the scariest game I’ve played all year, to be honest ( judging from my shoulders, which were tense and aching as all hell by the end. ;n; )
      Machine for Pigs had a great story, but I felt like it didn’t really live up to Dark Descent in the “scary” factor. Like, I dunno, felt like it wasn’t really Amnesia-y. That’s just my opinion, though, and I still think they’d like it if they played it. :)

  7. Oooh my god, I’ve already played this game, but when Becky first screamed I jumped so hard that I accidentally punched myself in the face and kicked my cat off my lap. xD
    As a side note, Outlast is the scariest game I’ve played this year… THIS year. >w>

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