Beyond: Two Souls is AWESOME!

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  1. Show starts @ 26:48!

  2. God, David Cage is a pretentious fuck. This game is a big disappointment

  3. Poor chat got yelled at by Fraser because, like, 2-3 people questioned Fraser’s actions during that party. Lol.

  4. Yes! Was hoping you guys were doing this. Just finished playing a bit myself and eagerly await the crew’s reactions.

  5. Wow, a 5 hour show Fraser?
    You da man!

  6. does the frash-man know about the never fail thing? it just changes the game but you cant die.

  7. Without going into specific details, I do know that if you successfully get through the major section at 4:30:00, it delivers a more satisfying build-up to the ending (no “story mode” failsafe), and the cause for the crisis is kinda explained/implied. But it does still end with the same general outcome. The incentive for succeeding seems to be for better (or bigger) story points.

    I’m not a fan of how the non-linear storytelling has been used in the game, it doesn’t feel right in this case. I feel like I’d care more about the story as a whole if we actually got to see Jodie grow up over the course of the game, rather than seeing her in a shuffled collection of Major Life Events. But I also understand that it probably wouldn’t be as interesting for gameplay. Maybe someone out there will make a “chronological story” video for YouTube or something.

  8. I’m still getting commercials

    • If you mean you’re still getting Commercials when you’re a Turbo, then you’re confusing VGA Turbo with Twitch Turbo. Twitch Turbo disables Ads. VGA Turbo gives you access to their TF2 and Minecraft Servers as well as the ability to chat in the chatroom during live streams, access to early uncut recorded streams and other cool stuff.

      The one thing it doesn’t do is disable Commercials. Commercials are how Fraser pays for all the cool stuff I mentioned above as well as the show in general. So next time one pops up, just remember you’re supporting a show you enjoy.

  9. I think Frasier’s main problem with this is being a film school geek. I see it a lot with internet reviewers that they are just so tied into the world film people that he can’t look at it like a normal person would.

  10. I’m still waiting for this game to be released in the UK. I can’t stress how much I started to despise the WHOLE homeless section, other than the moment with Stan’s dead wife and I mean JUST that exact moment, I found that by Cage’s standards that was well written. I found that section to lack any compelling aspects, and it seemed to try to hard to be ‘human’.

    I also feel this non-linear narrative does not work in favor with the story thus far. The moments with lil’ Jodie are so emotionally engaging and pull right back into caring. Perhaps if we started with her young and watched her grow up this care would blossom and continue, much in the same way it seems to with Aiden’s character? This would also make us feel more involved, that even when we’re ‘controlling’ Jodie, we are still in Aiden’s role.
    Maybe sprinkling flashbacks to more childhood moments while playing as an older Jodie would help keep the emotional investment?

    I’m literally just shooting the shit here though, I don’t know if these aspects pay off later or if my ideas would push ‘Beyond’ off that edge of potential and into the pit of totally crap.

    • Nah, I’ll agree with you that the random jumps of time are a little jarring when it comes to developing an emotional connection. I mean it’s ‘Awww poor little girl’ to ‘Hell yea! Badass spy stuff!’ then to ‘So there’s this whole other world?’ then back to ‘Awww poor little girl.’

      I think a straight forward young girl to adult would work even better. Not to say I’m not still enjoying the game for what it does offer.

  11. Glad to see that Beyond two souls does well at what it does.

    I do like to comment on Freaser’s idea of high pixels count = better emotional experience. True, great expressions help deliver a emotional impact but a flat deliver of lines will bring it down. There a lot more to emotional experience than how the character looks and that is obviously good writing, acting, and set up. And it that what makes Beyond and Heavy rain (Alittle rough in places) work and it isn’t just because of the additional pixels.

    I don’t want to sound like Freaser’s or David cage’s ideas are completely wrong but to make a great experience you a combination of things. Walking of the dead did just that and it didn’t need fancy visuals to make me feel emotional to the characters. Link in Wind waker has a lot of expression and that with a low pixel count.

    Of course this what makes video games so interesting is that it has so many ways to tell it story and can still enjoy them equally. I can enjoy the great acting of Ellen Page in Beyond just as much as I enjoy the strong will and courage of Link in Wind waker.

  12. I fear that Fraser obsession over David Cage is turning him into Fraser Cage.
    At time I was getting a bit angry at Fraser for not following the story then criticising the game. (No Offense Fraser-san!)

    The game is far from perfect but Fraser should stop thinking about it too much and simply “watch” it. He also missed a lot of nice possible Aiden moment. If you finish it, use that Triangle as much as you can, there are often character in another room that you can spy on and learn things. There are also sometimes a lot more nice things you can interact with like in the Hospital room at the end that Fraser missed. (For example you can learn how the fire started.)

    One good thing from watching the show is that I learned that despite being linear if you mess up or do different things you can get a different ending to a scene. You will end up at the same place after that but still at least it’s not totally linear even if you can’t die.

    I agree though that the best scene are Kid Jodie since she’s so adorable and I don’t want her to get hurt.

    For the watchers: If you enjoy Walking Dead and Heavy Rain, you should really consider at least renting the game (I heard it’s 10-15 hours) because it’s a really nice high-priced “movie” that is worth playing for the Story. (I’m about halfway done.) I guess it’s also more enjoyable when you are alone in your living room really getting into the game and not chatting around with friends or trying to entertain a live audience.

  13. It’s so unrealistic that you get saved when you would die … instead of just dying and starting over to do the same thing over and over until you get it right, like in real life.

    • On the achievements … you could have been able to actually progress the story without hitting those spots (you could have robbed the store without disabling the cameras, but since you did, you got Smart Thief).

  14. It’s interesting that something I value the game for, actually making me feel as though I were homeless, is something that irked Fraser. Most of the scenes and development is very contrived, we’ve seen these things in a hundred movies, but never had I gotten to actually fill the shoes of anyone in that situation, and I felt it.

    Different strokes for different folks I guess.

    • Yeah, there are some scenes in the game that I would love and then I mean realy love to see happen more in other games.

      The Homles part and some stuff later on in the game, I feal that it’s an solid game but the story is not always what it could be.

  15. It’s a video game, and movie combined together. A lot of people are looking at it from video game perspective ONLY, i think that’s the problem.

  16. After playing the game myself, I realized that failing on purpose (while still progressing the plot) really ruins a lot of the story, because you can lose awesome moments without even realizing it. Failing on the motorcycle cut out the entire stand-off in the town (where Aiden deals with the snipers and the helicopter) and failing in the burning building got rid of the explanation for the fire and created a bit of a plot hole regarding the scar on the back of Jodie’s head and the months she spent in a coma. So if you really want to enjoy the story, failing for the sake of failing is not the best idea.

  17. Thank you Kshade for clearing the chats name when Fraser got mad lol. We love you Fraser, just don’t forget that. Gotta not be so quick and vindictive with all of us

  18. why do people think Ellen Page was in “The last of us”? I know I said this before but its really bothering me XD Imdb it, its not here. Naughty dog has actually got in some trouble about the likeness, and I hear rumors about potential law suits against it.

    On the other hand, I liked Heavy Rain much better, the story got me really into it more than this. But I am curious about Aiden, and I really want to see who or what he is !

  19. The hard thing about watching a recorded stream is that I really wanted to tell them to read that newspaper in that guys hands when she was begging for money. There is an awesome easter egg they probably would have enjoyed.

  20. Episode 1, part 10 is “unable to be played”? OBJECTION! This is the VGA website! ALL VIDEOS CAN BE PLAYED!!!

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