Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs is AWESOME!

October 15, 2013 in Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, Video Games AWESOME! by


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  1. Show Starts @ 35:03!

  2. That is some terrifying ass fArt

  3. Yessss I’ve been waiting for this :D More so because I would never play this on my own :P

  4. A translation to that German poem nobody asked for:

    “This Heart

    Sleep my child, sleep
    Your heart beats below my hand
    and I’m rocking you [to sleep]
    in this my open wounds
    This heart

    Keeps soothingly through me
    And your heart belongs to me
    And I’m rocking you
    in this becoming love
    This heart

    Dream this hallowed wound
    will bleed
    And the angels are mourning
    just to see you sleep
    My child, sleep and I
    will be rocking you”

    So… yeah, I think now we know where Freddy Mercury came from ;)

  5. Awesome to see the old VGA style editing on Youtube!
    …Although,the people that instantly start complaining obviously don’t read anything in the description at all unfortunately…

  6. Amnesia is the best show you have done in my opinion, this is also awesome!. :)

  7. Fraser is the only person I could think of that would refrence Animal Farm in a horror game

  8. Did anyone else think bone daddy was actually Deacon in the thumbnail until Fraser introduced him in the video?

    Because I certainly didn’t…unless you did too. No you go first.

  9. It’s weird but I’ve been really disagreeing with Fraser and chat on preferred games recently. Like, as hamfisted and melodramatic as it is, I love Beyond: Two Souls, and I really dug this preview playthrough of Machine for Pigs. On the other hand, I really dislike GTAV; I mean I see why it’s fun in a sand-box mayhem sense, but the narrative, characters, setting, and basically all the rest of it makes me mad.

    They have good reasons for liking or disliking stuff, I just feel out of step…

    • I would honestly say thats a good thing. World is more interesting with different views. I found Beyond interesting and gorgeous but not something i’d pay $60 for. I loved the Amnesia series and this one was fun to play through with my friend (we have played together since Pnuembra) but even at the end we agreed that it was just missing a lot of things. I don’t totally agree but i can see what Fraser and them mean and you can definitely tell that the last Amensia game was made by different developers.

      I think its cool to have different taste and likes man, don’t feel so out of step i think you’re right where you should be. Heck i wouldn’t have tried half of the games i see if Fraser wasn’t here.

  10. Amnesia did not invent sanity system, it has long been part of lovecraftian horror and games based on it.

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