Beyond: Two Souls is AWESOME! – Episode 2

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  1. Show starts @ 17:01!

  2. The game’s writing seems to be getting even weaker as it progresses. More clichés are appearing, anyway. The scene with the bullies at the party pissed me off because of how predictable it was and how narrow-minded Cage must have been when writing. The grandson screaming “Shimasani!” is just as cliché, but since it had almost no lead-up, it was funnier. Also, he actually shouted it at the sky.

    Also, who would get outraged and start a scene just for getting a book as a birthday gift? I can’t get over that.

    And the guys at the bar. That shit’s fucking ridiculous. When you said the world of Beyond: Two Souls is filled with shitty people doing shitty things (or something to that effect), you were right. They’re thirty-something males in bar – they gotta be rape-buddies. I think Cage just knows a lot of tropes and recycled scenarios for an “outsider with mysterious powers” and threw them in. That, more than anything else, is what ruins the game for me.

    The lack of choice doesn’t bother me since I’m watching for the story/your commentary. If it’s a bad game, whatever – for me, it’s a stupid movie first.

    Nevertheless, am I going to keep watching? Of course. I have to. Heavy Rain is the only long-haul of yours that I watched all the way through, and I think I’ll add this to the list. The Quantic Dream silliness coupled with your mocking and sometimes insightful commentary works well.

    • I’ll add to that by saying that none of these scenes seem to mesh well together. It’s like instead of trying to build a cohesive, relateable narrative where every seen us relevant to the plotand characters, he just decided to throw in random scenes from famous movies because emotion, regardless of whether or not they made sense to the story.

      Also, hi Kemp. Haven’t seen you around anything VGA related in a while.

      • Ultra late reply. Hello.

        If you’re referring to the nonlinear method of narrative, that didn’t bother me at all. In fact, it made an otherwise lifeless and contrived story a bit more interesting. Taking the player from Jodie’s parents’ front yard to war-torn Africa invites some speculation on the player’s part.

        Maybe it’s because it’s a video game. The scenes are really just “levels,” and like most video games, you’re gonna like some levels and you’re going to hate some levels, but a cohesive flow isn’t expected.

        Maybe David Cage is a genius. Anything’s possible.

        But to be sure, none of the scenes “mesh.” They are disparate in every way, which does inhibit characterization.

  3. I’m two hours in and…christ, this game is dull…I wish Cage would let someone with actually storytelling ability make one of these games instead of leaving him in charge…This is just…so boring…No offense to the crew, you guys are fine, but this game, my god!

  4. i know people dont like this game but for me i really do, i can understand why people dislike the game but for me i find it really good but i don’t know why.

    • Don’t say it around chat. They might through a fit.

      • i know McGee they are ripping on this game, i loved it but i dont really care if people think different thats a good thing, and im on the other side i know this games choices dont do alot. near the end they do. but the story was pretty good and the soundtrack was pretty good, the graphics are amazing, gameplay can be abit weird but its not awful. But i can see why people dislike it and its cool to not like something but i do like it and reviews and people telling me its bad i don’t care if you dont like it dont play or watch it.

        • I personally really enjoyed playing this game and it kind of frustrates me that Fraser is looking for faults in the game and that complains that there are faults in the game. He’s also complaining about the gameplay being barely there when it’s not supposed to be a gameplay heavy game.

          The writing, he has his own opinion on, and I respect other people’s opinions. He came in with a predetermined view on the writer and immediately superimposes David Cage onto everything in the story, which I think is definitely a huge factor into why he dislikes it so much, however, that’s just what I’ve gotten from watching the two episodes they posted and listening to Fraser’s comments of David Cage before the game even got started.

      • *racks shotgun*
        Nothing to see here folks. Just er…target shooting.
        *lantern catches cabin on fire*

    • It’s all good, personally I think it’s worse than Heavy Rain but better than Indigo Prophecy. We all look at games differently, that’s half the fun of gaming and watching shows like VGA.

      • your right @yismeload its not as good a heavy rain but its still a fun game, i never played Indigo Prophecy as i wasn’t much of a gamer back in the day. And your also right everyone is allowed there own opinion. reason why im saying that, is because ive met some proper dumb people on the internet *cough ign *cough* and there’s forums and comments of people being really mean about people who did like the game and didn’t like the game i tried too say if you like it then cool if you dont do not waste your life hating on things move on then they started attacking me lucky i dont really care but still people need to calm down. also VGA is the last place i found were people can have a mature conversation about there likes and dislike games. thanks turbos stay awesome!

  5. All that stuff about choice vs determination, different types of storytelling linearity vs non-linearity… it just really doesn’t matter when your head writer is a hack. :)

  6. Given that she has had special military training, I don’t think it’s very surprising that Jodie would know how to ride a horse or drive a car.

  7. So, every scene in this game is basically Jodie going somewhere and doing something, followed by Aiden being a bad kitty, and the Willem DaFoe shows up out of nowhere and is like, “It’s okay! You’re okay now, Jodie.”

  8. Yeah, I’m gonna have to side with those that are saying that this game is getting dull to watch, which is a shame when the game shows what the PS3 hardware is capable of graphics-wise.

  9. Bone Daddy has to be present whenever there’s a 3 or more people show! His reactions are priceless his like a second mascot :D

  10. Heavy Rain was so much better in choice. *HEAVY RAIN SPOILERS* All of the main characters could die except for one. (Scott Shelby) When they died you’d just skip their part of their story.

    • I’m just going to say that’s incorrect. Scott and Ethan both can not die. Ethan can get arrested, but he cannot die. Everyone else is fair game though. And to be fair, there’s only really 3 recurring characters through the entire story, Jodie, Nathan, and Cole. The rest are only in a few sequences at best and 1 sequence at worst with a couple exceptions. You can’t really kill off the main character (Jodie) when the entire story revolves around her and would just end (same idea with Ethan) and also Madison and Jayden can only die in ONE scene near the very end of the game. The choices at the end of Beyond: Two Souls affect the ending same as Heavy Rain.

      • Ethan can die. Just only at the end, depending on Madison’s status. Technically, you can lose him for good if he’s arrested twice. It is entirely possible to only have Madison or only Jayden show up at the end.

  11. I mentioned it in the last show, but this game seems like it’s an Ellen Paige hairstyle simulator. Almost every new scene she has a completely different hairstyle for some reason.

  12. I had to watch ahead on this game and went on the Youtoobz.

    Tip: Don’t take a shot for every twist and turn you see coming. The entire game is incredibly predictable, but it’s kind of like a guilty pleasure or a car crash. I just can’t look away.

  13. I have finished an entire playthrough without doing a single button prompt (unless the game refuses to progress without one) and it resulting in the game either forcing your character to move by themselves or someone else saving them. The story also falls apart pretty damn hard.

  14. Character designers: Hey, how about we put in some extra characters that are recolored so that dead people look like spirits. Cage: NO! They look the same! That’s a waste of time, space, and money!

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