Slender: The Arrival is AWESOME!

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Watch it HERE!

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  1. Show starts @ 21:35!

  2. fixed it just needed to restart

  3. I think a lot of people request sequels to games VGA has played on previous shows, whether they’re really good or not. Either way it was a fun show even if the game wasn’t that scary.

  4. was surprised to hear that people requested this. There are a lot better horror games, i was really hoping they’d play Penumbra. Oh well next year as always. Hopefully the hype of this is mostly dead so people don’t request it. The game really failed at being scary.

  5. The thing is that Slender is really just a one trick pony. If you play the game and have no idea about what this is about… you get dumped in the woods and have nothing to go on. The woods as a setting does a lot of the work for you because you can imagine all kinds of things in the unknown.
    So you’re just going around looking for pages and then suddenly Slendy appears without indication of what the hell. That’s when it gets you. But only once. As soon as you figure it all out and there’s nothing else to it, it loses its effect.

  6. I think my biggest thing against Slender is we are given no reason really to fear him other then annoying sounds, and some scribbles. There isn’t anything really threatening about him, no buildup. We are never shown his handy work or how powerful he might be (Is he invincible?).
    With other horror game monsters like the Gatherers from Amnesia, they usually are grotesque or bloody looking, they sometimes have a inhuman walk, and they clearly want to kill you.
    I’m guess I’m just less scared of a Men’s wearhouse mannequin, then a bloody ‘thing’ with claws charging at me.

  7. This is game a incredibly scary by yourself with headphones especially the mining level. The kid is scary as fuck, imo. Disappointed you guys talked through the game and didn’t really get into it. Ah well.

  8. I thought it was really hilarious how the person you played as walked XD… It made the game a lot less scary :P

  9. I can only hope someday you guys get around to Shadows of the Damned

  10. I liked slender the arrival. Don’t get me wrong, outlast is the far superior game but I’d say it’s worth the ten dollars.
    Definitely worth 7 or 8 on sale.

  11. well i tink its good that you gave it such crtisism since it shows that you dont give it any passes meaning that you place it up there whit compeating whit the other games i take it as a compliment to the game like not judging someone in a weel chair and tinking well they just cant compare your are fair to it based on its merits and not duarfing your critisism for it

  12. Part 3 at around 6:00 clearly shows that the game is worth the money. Dat emergent gameplay!

  13. this game is so worth the buy. You guys just don’t get it.

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