The Binding of Isaac is AWESOME!

October 30, 2013 in The Binding of Isaac, Video Games AWESOME! by


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  1. Show starts @ 36:04!

  2. Love these childstories, makes me remember my own.
    own time I didn’t want to eat my sandwich I had hid it in the VHS player and my parents found out 2 days later ;p

  3. These shows are so great, it’s almost sad that they’ll only air once a year!

  4. Kyle’s face was on top form for this show.

  5. ILL MITCH!!! YESSSSSS! “Hey Ladies Fans,” “Come to USA,” and “Fast and Danger” as easily his greatest hits. My buddy was inspired and did an EP of Back to the Future related rap songs (including “Biff Tannen Anger” and “Back In Time Rhyme”)

  6. RE: Ill Mitch

    Somehow I found this site easily with Google. When I tried to track it down years ago, it was gone. I never recorded anything, but did write some lyrics. My buddy was Mr. McFly, and I was Doc ILL.

  7. A time we all come together to share horrible moments and watch the VGA crew and others laugh at them. Good times. We are all deeply messed up lol.

  8. This was one of my favorite shows

  9. Surprised Becky didn’t chime in on the discussion about immaculate conception. It’s not a term for Jesus being conceived without sex happening; it’s the belief (I think only Catholics believe it, maybe also the Orthodox church since they’re basically just Catholics without a pope) that Mary herself was born perfect.

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