Beyond: Two Souls is AWESOME! – Episode 3

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  1. Show starts @ 13:42!

  2. Awesome episode was awesome!

  3. bwahahaha that thumbnail for ep 3 is hilarious

  4. Such a shame that such a beautiful-looking game had to be attached to such a convoluted and poorly-written plot.

    • I heard the working title for the game’s script was called “Beyond: All Reason”

      • i get the nagging feeling that having Page in as the main character is partly the cause. too much focus on exploring this one character which led to the need to jump around in time to present different scenarios.

        with no star you could have written the story with multiple characters and they would have almost slotted in to each scenario.

        • I don’t mind the limited cast so much, or the total coverage of Jodie’s history. I feel the biggest problem is that the story isn’t in chronological order. It would’ve been so much easier to care for the characters (let alone follow the story), and it would’ve allowed for important choices to be made throughout the game as well.

          Cage should’ve hired an editor and additional writers. It’s such a shame, I was hoping for something great.

          • That’s my main issue with the story as well.

            Wonder if its too late for Ellen Page to say that she was actually in The Last of Us, and that this was just someone using her likeness without her permission, instead of the other way around.

  5. David Cage took a big risk making game like that, and unfortunately it didn’t pay off. I am glad that he have courage to make something completely different.

  6. I like the story, I agree it could have been better if it was less stretched out and had more of an obvious direction. But the characters are interesting, the main 3 + Aiden. I just think it needed to be more dark, and less “Super Powers”.

  7. Many seem to hate this game with a passion! I wouldn’t buy it, but I’m entertained by watching it. I don’t hate it at all.

    • Many of the best shows are like that. I am having a blast watching this with the gang and it getting ripped for all its numerous flaws, but I certainly wouldn’t play it. To be honest I enjoyed Heavy Rain as a movie, but Indigo Prophecy and this one just seem fundamentally broken in terms of gameplay and narrative.

  8. Pretty sure the thing that you thought was normal in the beginning but ended up being stupid and shit was Tomb raider.. you know, zombie queen, aliens, etc. Pretty dumb

  9. Frash’s face in the front page image be crackin’ me up! Sometimes, it be the simple things, aye.

  10. Did I just witness a flashback to the 90’s? I could’ve sworn I saw a man get Paige’d…

  11. This has to be one of the best thumbnails I have ever seen. Fraser just looks so…happy.

  12. I can’t belive they would spend so much time on this game but give up on eternal darkness

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