Beyond: Two Souls is AWESOME! – Conclusion!

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  1. Show starts @ 20:03!

  2. and when you say your parodying this i like that and, finished the game a few days ago not the best but i enjoyed it, and enjoying these beyond two souls live streams.

  3. I chose to live at the end when I played it so it was kind of cool to see a different ending. I kind of liked this game in the same way you’d like one of those shitty late night movies. I think it was similar to Becky, I was constantly trying to get into the story. One thing David Cage has proven though, no matter how good your game looks, you’ll never immerse anyone in a game if your characters are that unbelievable. This game took itself far too seriously.

  4. Your attempt to waste our time was the best part of this entire conclusion.

  5. Looking forward to VGA’s future long-haul, “Air Jerking is AWESOME!”

  6. Please tell me there’s already a .gif of them all pretend-jerking-it at once.

  7. totoro plushy at 5 min in part Severance Package yey :D <3

  8. Alright I was really hard on Fraser in the comments on Youtube and he did not deserve it. This game just made no sense…. :(

  9. This game is absolutely abysmal, and this coming from somebody who actually had the stomach to get the platinum trophy for X-Men Destiny…

  10. It is a real pity about this game. Like the gang said there was so much potential and at times some quality moments could be seen.

    The trouble is Beyond exists in a time where Telltale has proven their mastery of this style of game. The Walking Dead was light on actual game play but had well written characters, a good flow, and not only had player choice but made it a major portion of how the story played out.

    Now if Telltale had the graphically capabilities of Quantic Dream… oh man.

    • I agree with you completely. Even Heavy Rain, which was superior to BTS, had its problems with half the voice cast being terrible, etc. The Walking Dead from Telltale had me hooked so bad, I basically did nothing else until I completed it. I wish it had multiple endings, but was still a great experience.

  11. Despite opinion of everyone copy Fraser’s opinion. I thought it was a good game/concept. I believe that it could have been made a great game however by cutting it down a little bit, focusing on the “three” main characters (excluding Ryan) and dropping the whole romance thing, its the same problem with all media, you waste so much time on a relationship the player does not want.. also Ryan was pathetic… why would any female character want a relationship with him the only thing he had going was his looks, other then that he was just pathetic, even more so after saying no and him being all emotional. I think David Cage is a smart man, but gets lost in his ideas and he tries to cram too many things into one game and it just gets convaluded “Navaho” as an example. I did find it interesting to watch though, I would give it 80/100 for the visuals and sound alone and if you can forgive the story for its repetitive “close the hole” thing, and its confused ideas.

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