Need for Speed: Rivals is AWESOME!

November 19, 2013 in Need for Speed: Rivals, Video Games AWESOME! by


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  1. Show starts @ 31:09!

  2. The blur in the background looks cool, but it’s giving me a headache watching the show, i fear i’m about to get an epileptic seizure 15 min in, please don’t make this a regular thing

  3. To be honest i like racing games. I enjoyed the NFS Most Wanted they played on the Wii U and Rivals looks good too. Maybe the majority of hate for racing games in the chat is just because they’re not games for you which is completely understandable. These two games are like burnout but you’re not gonna get the same amazing crashes and crazyness like in Burnout Paradise because here you drive real brands of cars and usually producers don’t allow for excessive damaging of their cars in the games. I agree though, if i had to choose between a return of Burnout say Paradise 2 or Rivals i’d rather have Paradise 2.

    • i have bought too many driving games that i have done a couple of laps on and then never played again. fraser’s bored reaction to the introduction was classic – too many customisation options actually make these games more boring to me.

      • I would like to actually see Fraser cover more coming racing games like Driveclub, GT 6, Forza but i think the best way would be as say maximum 1 hour encore to a normal show. I also see why they compared it to GTA V but it’s kinda unfair because NFS is just driving and GTA is a simulation of real life with tons of possibilities and activities besides driving. My comment might have been taken as a negative one or criticizing Frasha but that was not my point, i can see why he got bored it’s just driving and not arcadey crazy insanely fun like B: Paradise but more a middle way between realism and arcade. Making a show about a racing game is not very entertaining since it’s just driving, there’s no diversity. Shame there’s no splitscreen because racing games with that could be more entertaining on 4 play fridays because of competitiveness between the gang, not many games have it though :( Oh well, maybe The Crew will be as awesome as it seems to be, hopefully.

      • Yeah I don’t think they make for particularly interesting/fun shows tbh, unless they’re whacky racers like mario kart and maybe wipeout due to its speed/weapons/chaos. When it comes to standard racers though they get boring really quickly, since there’s not much to look at or for the gang to really comment about either. Racers with a strong social aspect like the crew coming out will be different, since so many turbos can play with fraser to create their own hilarious scenarios.

  4. How come Ben’s never around for these games?

  5. Can someone send a link to the Form about Fraser adding psn id names?

  6. Holy shit on part 3, 14:14, really disturbing sync with Becky and background noise.

  7. Fraser, you can totally get a refund for the game! EA has a “Satisfied or money back”-policy! So props to EA for doing that. You can return it if one of these conditions are met:
    “The new Origin Great Game Guarantee works like this: You may return EA full game downloads (PC or Mac) purchased on Origin for a full refund–within 24 hours after you first launch the game, within seven days from when you purchased it, or within the first seven days after the game’s release date if you pre-ordered it (whichever of these conditions happens first).”

    This is how it works:
    “Requesting a refund is quick and easy. Just visit your order history and click the “request a refund” link next to your recent purchase, answer a few quick questions, and we’ll take it from there.”


  8. Thank you Fraser, you saved me a waste of 60$. I’ll wait for it to be half the price while crossing my finger for another Criterion Burnout instead.

    I Installed Burnout Paradise on Steam a few weeks ago and it’s the most fun I had with a racing game in a while. This game is still one of the best despite its age.

  9. Based on my Asphalt 8 play style, “Destroy everyone to get I the lead, then keep the lead by destroying the 1st and 2nd AIs whenever they get close.” I’d pick cop, where the strategy is “SMAAAAAAAASH!!!”

  10. Part 5- 29:50- I did! I was working with my dad in a DJ business. This show was with a camp for kids with… I forgot the disorder or disease… Anyway, my job was 1) help set up the equipment, 2) show an example of the dances and activities, and 3) join in with the camp during the dances, to help with entertainment. My shot on camera was me showing them how to dance to Gangnam Style.

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