Savant Ascent is AWESOME!

December 10, 2013 in Video Games AWESOME! by

Savant Ascent VGA

Do you like being a BADASS?! Savant Ascent is gonna turn your ass so bad it'll need it's own probation officer!

Savant Ascent Website ... D-Pad Studios Website

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  1. Hey guys, we are testing out Dailymotion. Lemme know if you have any problems with the player, and what kinda of ads you get “if any”.

    • The player is working fantastic so far, although it can be annoying that if you click on the video itself to pause it pauses but opens it up on the Dailymotion website in another tab as well. I didn’t get an ad, but after refreshing I got a 30 second one for Anchorman 2. =)

    • Out of the 3 times I hit play, there’s only a half a second delay on play sometimes (might be my connection.) I got ads for 2 out of the 3 (Pampers and a Christmas ad :P)

    • No ads from Montreal, but I rarely got any with the blip player too.

      Video/audio quality is great at 1080, but the player always default to Auto every time I switch to full screen. It doesn’t even remember the setting I picked while watching the same video. Plus, Auto tends to pick 240-380 for me even though I can watch the video without buffering issues at 720. Really annoying.

    • Got an ad for a local university – 30 seconds long. Pausing with the actual button will be a bit of a change, but much more of a minor problem. Also, Like SmashManiac auto defaults to 380, if it does that for every video in a playlist then it could get very annoying.

    • Got an ad for sony. Not for the PS4 though! Boo!

      Apart from that player seems fine (also switching quality works like a charm). Feels slcik and new :D

    • I was getting 15 or 30-second ads automatically every 5 minutes. Nothing wrong with it for me, but it was a lot more jarring compared to getting two 30-second ads in a 55 minute video when its being hosted on Blip.

      • Hmmm, that is a bot annoying. We can’t manually place the midrolls like we do on Blip, so it seems Dailymotion just generates them randomly, and way more often than we usually would apply them. What kind of ads? How long?

    • The ads played every 5 minutes, and I got: Geico preroll, dog food, dayquil x2 (the ad was so short they played it twice to fill the spot), dayquil x2 (as before), Tide, Downy, and Bounce in one ad, nyquil x2 (as before), different dog food, and geico postroll (is that a word?).
      All the ads seemed to be 30 seconds and the video looked great.
      Also this is my first comment here.

  2. Player works about as well as Youtube or Blip. Not that it’s saying much, it might even be slighty better.
    Once my quality dropped to 240p and it was a minor hassle to get it back up.
    But same thing happen me often on Youtube too. Otherwise video quality is good.
    I got no ads in Finland.
    Only weird part was that my malware protection alerted me when i first clicked the player. Alert didn’t appear after the first time.

  3. not so good

    for me it sometime pauses and you would have to hit the play button. when ever a ad comes on it starts without telling you in the bar at the bottom, and when the ad is over it goes back to 240-380.

  4. DailyMotion is a good substitute to Youtube. Here’s hoping for the best, Fraser.

  5. whats in deacon’s beard?

  6. Works good. Got an ad for german discount clothing shop.
    After refreshing an ad for canned peanuts.

  7. Woah, daily motion is working much better than what I remembered. And compared to youtube, much smoother. I also like the easier transitioning between quality. Although, the new ad every 5 minutes might be a little disrupting, especially in a 30 minute video. I’m getting 30 second ads, for varying products (I, mentally, phase out ads and commercials, I wouldn’t have much memory over what was shown).This is all being seen from a pretty well-working computer somewhere in South ( not too south, and not too east) United States of the Americas.

    Hoping enough people can begin to check out Daily Motion, let’s overthrow youtube!

  8. Dailymotion player worked well, got an ad for Bounty paper towel. If I jump ahead 5-10 minutes in the video it pauses it for another ad. Third ad was for Shutterfly. I like how when you switch it to 1080p it instantly switches. On Youtube it always takes a while before it finally switches over.

  9. No ads for me, but player worked fine. It repeatedly lowered the quality though, but I guess it could be due to a weak connection on my end.

  10. Finally started getting ads myself. Yogurt every 5 minutes. Good thing is it was only 15 seconds… bad thing is it interrupts some people mid sentence.

  11. PRO TIP: you can skip the ads by pressing a little x in the top right, which seems to be what they use instead of an actual skip button like YouTube. For the 15 seconds ads, probabaly not worth it, but for longer 3 minute ads you are not interested in, it is good to know.

  12. Player works fine. Gotten two under 10 sec long ads for Nissen eyeglasses in Finland. Slightly annoying that if I mute the ad it also mutes the video.

  13. Thank you for DailyMotion!!!
    So much easier to watch stuff when I cant use Youtube =^.=.^=

  14. I like it better than Blip and YouTube! No complaints here.

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