Super Motherload is AWESOME!

December 14, 2013 in Super Motherload by

Super Motherload VGA

We're-ah goin' to the extra-planetary Klondike!

Check out the OFFCIAL Super Motherload website!

12 responses to Super Motherload is AWESOME!

  1. Hey guys, do YouTube ads run in the embed? What kind of ads? How many? Thanks dudes!

  2. No Ads for me here in Germany.

  3. No embedded ads or overlay ads for me.

  4. Player (Blip) works fine but no ads even on Blip. Don’t know if it might be a problem on my end?

  5. I got an ad on Blip…

    I hope it’s working for you guys. =3

  6. Oh, I just made a post on tech talk about it. I’m not getting any ads with blip players either.

  7. Starting the blip video gave me a droid ad. About 34 minutes in there was a little ad in the bottom left corner about not texting and driving. I have adblock disabled on this site, but not blip’s site (I don’t really visit it ever).

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