The Wind Waker is AWESOME!

December 18, 2013 in The Wind Waker, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Arrrrgh I missed the livestream cause of work

  2. LOL I love what you did with the thumbnail Fraser. xD

  3. “that’s why your head is so big”
    “thank you”


  4. No gonna lie, I didn’t see the great Red Lion costume at the start, because I was focused on the Tetra costume so much :D I just love that character and Becky looks great in it!

    But that Red Lion costume IS amazing :D

  5. Just so viewers don’t have to retype the links from the chat, here’s the two Miiverse posts from this episode.

    Tingle Bottle:
    Picto Box:

  6. Becky I want Frash’s hoody so baaaaaad :3

  7. Every time I pick up WindWaker I contemplate on why I play any other game ever.

  8. This was the Zelda that got me into Zelda. I love it all.

  9. I actually like blip because they load a hell of a lot faster than youtube so this will be an awesome playthrough to watch again.

  10. Wind Waker was my favorite Zelda. It wasn’t my first but it was the one that made me think of good game design. I’m happy to see Frash and Becky like Wind Waker Link and his expressions.

  11. Am I the only one can only see the first part of the video on my iPhone?

  12. Very wise choice to play this game, Little Frashy! This is easily the best Zeldo game out there! That’s gotta be the biggest pool I’ve ever laid eyes on! Ah! Hah! Ha! *clap* *clap* *clap*

  13. The ad isn’t loading for me on Firefox 26.0. I’ve tried completely disabling NoScript, Adblock Plus, and PeerBlock. I also tried watching it straight on Blip. It’s stuck at that spinny circle thing.

  14. About the “spoiler” in part 6, If people didn’t acknowledge it as a spoiler in chat, it would’ve easily been passed off as a slip of the tongue =|

    Luckily this game’s a few years old, so most people know by now that *spoily spoily spoiler*, but still this seems to happen often.

  15. Ok just as a rule of thumb for anyone watching this,
    Just don’t look at the chat for the entire episode I guess because people decided to spoil things and no one wanted to delete them.
    I think Becky saw them too, Idk. Probably not a big deal, but just be weary.

  16. This makes me miss Majora’s Mask

  17. Can someone link to Frasers drawing?

  18. Freaking love this game, definitely the cutest Link :3! Can’t wait for more episodes! Oh, and are you guys planning to play A Link Between Worlds sometime in the future? Actually, can you even send the 3DS image to a TV screen?

  19. Fraser Agar, satisfying the ladies since 2013.

  20. love the show but for some reason i am unable to start watching episode 2. it keeps redirecting me to the turbo club page i’ve never had this issue when watching on the site. any insight would be helpful

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