Mass Effect Christmas Citadel DLC Reunion Special!

December 19, 2013 in Mass Effect 3, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Oh my, first time I get to do this….


    Show starts at 38:40

  2. I was watching VGA eps on the PS4 browser from this site, but lately whenever something new is uploaded here, I get a “missing plugin” notice when I try to watch it. I’m guessing there must be a weird delay, since some other episodes (like the Lisa playthru) have become accessible on the PS4 browser recently, and I don’t remember that working before.

  3. Wow, you guys got this video up fast! I haven’t watched too many of your Mass Effect videos in the past, but this looks pretty fun. I might have to pick up the ME trilogy for PS3 one of these days.

  4. You know what, I kinda like the fact that they are doing the second part next year, At least it’s something to anticipate. I truly loved this episode, for the game and the crew(s reactions) and it was a lotta fun. Wait…lotta fun…lotta…is a character in another set of games I love watching VGA play…and they are starting to play that soon enough. It truly is christmas!

  5. Thanks for helping me stay awake all night to finish my university work guys.

  6. Strange that the party is being saved for next year. Its half payoff for the DLCs missions so its good to have that fresh in memory as they make lots of jokes about it. Also, all the talking and debating about the referneces the DLC made already caused the missing of so much dialogue. Whats it going to be like when the game is making jokes about things that happened 2+ years ago?
    But also, safe bet is on Mass Effect 4 launching in Spring 2015, which will really put a dampener on the sentimental tone the DLC takes with the series as a whole not just the characters.
    But thats just me.

  7. I love how everyone in the chat seemingly forgot that next year starts in less than two weeks.

  8. Seems that there’s a problem with Part 2 on the Blip side, at around 8:00. The audio continues just fine, but the video skips forward a few minutes and freeze-frames until roughly 12:00 where it then continues on fine.

  9. Goddammit, I was hoping so badly that they’d bring Wrex. :(

  10. Part 5


    I swear that that’s Fraser’s laugh in the background.

  11. umm fraser, in skyfall the bartender makes a shaken martini and Bond says “perfect” so he doesn’t specifically ask for a stirred martini. I think your confusing it with something else.

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