Christmas Special Show and Trailer 2013!

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  1. I forgot i sent you guys a letter thanks guys stay awesome, And sorry hank i must of forgotten you stay awesome too little buddy!

  2. Sadly I fell asleep at around 04:05:24 (after the indie dev talk) during the part where everything was quiet and then I found myself waking up at the “The Walking Dead”-Title Screen, went to bed at that point figuring that the minecraft snowfort-battles were already done by that time.

  3. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  4. On the bright side this isn’t the first time Tecmo Koi (however the hell you say it) has partnered with Nintendo. They also did Pokemon conquest and apparently that was awesome.

    • I would disagree, although it might be a personal bias. I played Pokemon Conquest and found it very boring and tedious, and I’d probably attribute it to it being a very, very simplified version of a real tactics/strategy game. It’s probably great for kids and people who’ve never played those types of games (which was probably the intended audience), but yeah, who knows objectively.

  5. Will this be posted on any other media player than Twitch? I’ve been having trouble with Twitch lately with terrible loading/buffering and am curious if it’ll be out in any other form.

  6. Wow. The dog part made me real sad.

  7. Something I noticed about the megashows… Twitch apparently doesn’t let you preload 8 straight hours ;)
    So it seems like it stutters at every 30 or 60 minutes because of that. And sometimes when that happens, the stream will suddenly jump forward 10 minutes and you have to find your place again.

    Just thought you’d wanna know ^^ badass show as always, guys! Have fun on vacation!

    • That always happen no? Twitch only loads like 30mn of video because loading 4-8 hours show would be pretty inconvenient :p

      • Yeah, that’s been the case for a long time, recorded Twitch streams are automatically split up into 30 minute segments. Although that said, the Twitch player used to be much smoother transitioning between segments. It became more sluggish sometime over the past two months, and now it cuts to grey while it loads the next segment, rather than staying paused on the previous segment.

        • Quick addendum: I haven’t experienced the “10 minute” skipping ahead that Falmunction describes. The worst I’ve ever seen is a few seconds at most, and it’s always because the Twitch player loads up the next segment seconds before the previous one finishes.

  8. Wow I loved the synced “bye” at the end x’D

  9. screw you, Fraser. Kirby is not some gluttonous evil monster. he’s generally nice and kind, and inhaling enemies is just his power. he is no “embodiment of hate” and is definitely NOT a sociopath. rather, he goes out of his way to help others and is very much innocent and cheery. while he can be impulsive, on the whole he’s a good guy, and you’re not supposed to look at him from a real-world perspective, because his world is one of magic and fantasy

  10. I watched a lot of VGA when I was stuck in what I though was my death bed, it helped :)

  11. The VGX fiasco is for sure a production failure. I really appreciate at the end of that segment you realize that, it’s not Joel McHale, Reggie or the singers’ fault.
    Also, that’s why some people really like your show, it’s because we appreciate the production value of it.

  12. 3:40:01 he’s 1# because he is one of the few people who legitimately cares about his fans, unlike countless numbers of “youtubers” I can name but wont.

  13. I’m so glad you guys liked the pillow. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it on the show!

  14. When they covered the wii sports club stuff all I could think is “I’m a tennis instructor and I never win at wii tennis.”

  15. Where did he get those Nintendo Christmas remix music?? I totally want it!

  16. Fraser, you’re being very hypocritical when it comes to Tyler, the Creator.
    His lyrics are used in the same way that ICP uses morally reprehensible lyrics. It’s there to have a bit of a shock value.
    Also, you said that you think that Tyler, the Creator’s main fan base honestly takes him seriously.
    However, think about how many ICP fans take them seriously. There are gangs built around this band.

    Lyrics aren’t something to get upset about–not in my eyes, atleast.

    • I’ve listed to snippets of his songs, and if that is satire, then I don’t get it. ICP is so over the top it is ridiculous, like an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon is to the portrayal of violence. Tyler the Creator is like watching an alternate version of A Clockwork Orange where Malcom McDowel professes to be playing himself and not a character.

      • I can get where your concern lies, for sure. I think when you are used to a certain extreme, anything that surpasses it will look deplorable. I honestly see the satire, and I have a theory why I see it as satire, and you don’t–their level of shock comedy comes from them growing up in the late 90s and all of the 2000’s (as did I). So, perhaps the fact that I grew up in the same timeframe that Tyler, the Creator grew up, I am able to connect his comedy with mine based on being in the same mini-generation. So by that token, perhaps you don’t quite see it the same way is because you were in a completely different time period. I mean, my mini-generation were around 6-8 when Jackass came out, and that was definitely a big show. It’s just a theory though.

        • Dude, Jackass was so my generation.

          • At different periods in our lives, though! Might’ve been a bad example. But do ya kinda get what I’m saying?

            • I’m not sure what you are saying. You believe that your generation is more extreme than mine? Able to handle shocking content better?

              • Not exactly. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I’d say that someone always tries to push the envelope, thus has earlier generations be shocked at it, and current and future generations not see it as that bad. It’s sort of like when Elvis was filmed above the waist on the Ed Sullivan show, NWA was seen as a catalyst for violence among youths, and Miley Cyrus twerking will make kids into sex craved lunatics. I think it’s just a thought of “this is much worse than when I was growing up”, when it has always been in this same cycle.

  17. Hey Fraser, looks like the Part 2 page of the Show and Trailer is showing the Mass Effect 3 DLC show Part 2 instead, on the Vimeo player. Thanks for uploading these shows pretty quickly after the livestream!

  18. Yes,tyler the creator is basically a huge jokester. i’m not a fan of his music, but his lyrics aren’t supposed to be serious, neither are any of the things he says in interviews, most of his stuff is just shock value.

  19. Is there anywhere to watch TWD now that everything’s on Vimeo? It’s the only thing I missed :(

    • I’m also hoping Walking Dead gets posted soon. While I prefer to wait for the Vemeo/Blip/YouTube releases for better video quality, it’d be cool to still have the unedited Twitch archive up a bit longer sometimes.

  20. Just watched part 2.

    While I agree that it’s not for everyone, the score that Dynasty Warriors games get is usually pretty biased. Reviewers play 5 minutes and say it’s the same thing as the last one while not mentionning half of the new things. I’ve been playing and buying them since the 4th one along with the spinoffs (Gundam Warriors, Samurai Warriors, One Piece Warriors and more) and there’s always a little something that make the new game better than the last. (Except 6, that one was real bad.)

    So Hyrule warriors could be pretty fun for people that enjoy zelda and hack and slashing. It won’t be a real Zelda game but if the same people write the story while Omega Force (Tecmo-Koei) does the gameplay it could be good. It would probably hit a bigger audience than the regular Dynasty Warriors since it’s Zelda.

    It’s too soon to say but people should not brush it off already. Actually I would say that the spinoff are usually more interesting than the regular games because as much as they want to change Dynasty Warriors, they can’t touch the story since it’s based on a novel (Romance of the three kingdoms) that is based on Chinese history.

  21. Man, Fraser really had a hate on for Joel McHale. Taking everything he said out of context, searching for things to complain about… He was even bitching about him during that No Man’s Sky interview, when Joel was genuinely interested and respectful. I get the feeling that Fraser refuses to let go of his first impressions just like he did with Zachary Levi last year (really ironic that he brought that up since he still doesn’t seem to realize that Levi is a true nerd). McHale was one of the few good things about VGX, since he could see the shit show for what it was and had the guts to give it the lack of respect it deserved. Fraser brings up the fact that he was paid, but that’s precisely why he deserves props–he proclaimed that the emperor had no clothes even though he knew full well that he might lose his paycheck because of it.

    • did you watch the full VGX? it was really painfully annoying to watch Joel for the whole show and by the time an hour had passed you just wanted him to fuck off.

    • But don’t you think VGX was a shit show because of the “I don’t care” attitude Joel and the other hosts were giving? I agree that the writing was pretty lackluster, but Joel and the production team could have at least handled delivering those lines in a more meaningful way besides in a “lack of respect” manner. It just seemed that in that method of delivery that did happen, no one had any respect for the games shown, the guests, nor the audience tuning in.

      • I think Joel had that attitude because it was a shit show, not the other way around. At the beginning it was clear that he was trying to play ball by uncritically reading the terrible jokes on the teleprompter that Spike had written for him, but as time went on it was obvious that he was going more and more off-script and getting exasperated at the whole thing. If anything, Joel had more respect for the audience that was watching this abomination than anyone else responsible for it did.

        BTW, I notice that you, like a lot of other people, are confusing disrespect of the guests for basic journalism. While it’s true that the questions that Joel asked had a sarcastic tone to them (that’s his schtick, after all), many of them were serious. A highlight in particular was when he asked Tim Schafer if he used all of that Kickstarter money to hire Elijah Wood. No one else has had the balls to ask him that question in person, certainly not Pope Doritos, who would’ve turned the whole thing into a three-hour-long commercial if he could’ve. Fraser’s suggestion to make him an only host is a terrible, terrible idea, BTW. Pair him with Angry Joe, that guy is definitely not lacking in balls and he has plenty of gamer cred.

        “But it’s an awards show, that’s not a place to be critical!” some might say. Well, you could’ve fooled me, seeing as how the awards were treated entirely as an afterthought and they even revealed the main one just over an hour in. This show was always about the announcements, most of which were entirely underwhelming and deserved at least some mild criticism. (To his credit, Keighley did show some backbone during the Donkey Kong segment, calling out Reggie on hyping up the announcement way beyond what it deserved, but that was it.)

        And yes, I did watch the whole show, and I’m still wondering why.

        • So, Joel saw it was a “shit show” from minute one and proceeded to rail road the whole thing with his terribly unfunny and lazily delivered routine to do us a favor? Bullshit. You think the jokes were written for him? Prove it.

          • It’s very obvious that Joel was reading from a teleprompter just like every other awards show in existence, he even referenced it a few times. If he’d written his own jokes, he wouldn’t be reading them off of a teleprompter. Besides, Joel was hired for the event just days before it ran. Do you think he had the time to write any jokes for it, much less good ones?

          • It’s very likely he realized it was a shit show from the moment they hired him, yes. He had the script, he had the jokes, he had the schedule and he had the people planning the whole thing telling him what to do. If he saw how badly produced and disorganized the show was, he might’ve decided to boycott it from the get go. Cause let’s face it, even if Joel wasn’t there, it still would’ve been shitty and disrespectful, but also boring and forgettable. The reason Spike liked what he did was exactly because people were talking about it, no matter what they were saying. Otherwise no one would’ve remembered VGX aired the next day. Joel was being.. well, Joel. If you see his other shows and appearances you’ll see that’s how his persona is, and Spike KNEW that, and yet hired him for the shock factor. Joel McHale was only one factor that made the show awkward to watch, but everyone knows it wasn’t just that. The whole things comes down to one thing: Spike TV doesn’t know shit about making an award show for gamers.

  22. A duck that I have drawn has now been on VGA. I’m quite pleased with that.

  23. Full disclosure: I was wearing chainmail “ref” pants the whole game, and was never on any team. I only intended to stay in creative mode to catch people wearing armor without dying myself. Then everyone got bored and needed TNT.

  24. Pants FTW! Also forgot i took an invis potion at some point… Anyway, the MC segment was a lot of fun, thanks to all the builders :D

  25. I absolutely love the dynasty warrior series, and the three kingdoms in general
    and let me tell you, they are NOT dime a dozen beat em ups, in fact, a lot of those dime a dozen beat em ups copy stuff from this series.
    its a huge series in japan that I only hope would be bigger here in the west

  26. Nobody knew that the guy in the Nintendo mancave commercial was Jonathan Mangum, Wayne Brady’s longtime co-host on “Let’s Make A Deal”.

  27. It was kind of funny watching the Loiter Squad not give one iota of fuck. Tyler The Creator is easily known for doing this kind of stuff.

  28. Fraser, that was a really bad example of Pewdiepie, if you had watched any other video you would have loved it!

  29. I’m sorta disturbed there’s someone named “LikkiCurry” in the chat now. Lik is my real name and seeing that is just odd, lol…

  30. I think my favourite part of this show is the way they dress up.

  31. I have health problems too and watching VGA helps me cope with the bad times. :3

  32. Yeah I don’t place any blame on Geoff, Joel, or Reggie for the “The never introduce Reggie’s friend” moment.
    (Vince Joly)

    I place no blame on Reggie since he is a guest at the show and I don’t think guests ever really need to introduce themselves.
    As for Geoff and Joel, Geoff DOES start to say “Vince is here from Retro-” and is cut off by Joel making a joke.
    I would say then blame Joel except he was the one who looked at the camera and pointed out that Vince wasn’t introduced yet. And his joke was off-script and did sound like a blow against how things were being run saying:
    “We’re sorry we can’t introduce him, we’re sorry its not on the prompter.”

    The fact that there was no name card on screen for him is pretty much all I need to know the producers are the one who messed that up.

  33. when i heard tell tale and gearbox where coming together i litterally said “CELL SHADES UNITE!” i was proud of myself

  34. No Witcher 3? Did I miss it scrolling through the show? Im sad they didnt coover it, its the only thing in VGX that excited me personally.

  35. Current console sales this generation:

    Wii U: 4.5 million
    PS4: 2.4 million
    Xbox One: 1.8 million

    • Yeah,but WiiU has been out for a year. Xbone and PS4 only for a month…

      I’m not saying Nintendo is doomed or bad (their my favorite out of the big three) but they’re NOT doing well in sales right now…

      • Funny that you say that. I actually had to explain to some of my family that the WiiU was Nintendo’s next generation of consoles and my family has always had a Nintendo console (not myself so much). They thought the WiiU was just a different version of the Wii and not a new console. So ya, Nintendo did not do well with the marketing and such. And no, these aren’t people who read the news, these are average consumers. Just saying it now to avoid that “argument”.

        On that same note i had to explain that the XboxOne was the next generation for Xbox as well.

  36. Well actually fraser in mario kart wii there is reasons to use karts rather than bikes. Karts get more of a drift speed boost when using manual.

  37. I’m really glad you liked the gifts! ^^ I’ve felt much better lately, partly thanks to your show. :) I don’t think I could’ve handled all those hospital visits without something to cheer me up.

    ALSO. Happy New Year! ^_^

    Ps. I bought some red yarn. Prepare to receive a red mushroom sometime in the future. Hardeharharhar.

  38. My favorite part of this whole special? Fraser’s commentary on the changing times. Girls playing games and old Daddy Frash blocking the young’uns from the Youtubes, ha ha.

  39. The Game and Tyler the creator are not interchangeable just because they are black rappers. Also, the Game lyrics you said weren’t about rape but were “You mad cause your daughter fuck with me on spring break Well, I’m a fuck her ’til the springs break”. It is clearly consensual. No need to fight Tyler’s ignorance with more ignorance.

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