The Walking Dead Season 2 is AWESOME! – Episode 1

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 VGA

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  1. Yes! Thanks Fraser for posting this quickly, just finishing up on the Christmas Show & Trailer show :)

  2. Good job with the fast mass uploading Friss Frass :>

  3. Also,rewatching this, I found out my thought was true. That beginning “previously on walking dead” segment did not really reflect your choices…like at all. Many things contradicted what you did (not stabbing the guy with the pitchfork). I hope thats just how the game is and not a glitch…

  4. Child endangerment! Just in time for the holidays!

  5. Fuck you tablet. Won’t let me watch the first portion.

  6. I see the site has been going under some management.

  7. Haha, wow, my quote on the title card is really bizarre out of context.

    Also yeah, uh, you definitely stabbed that one guy with the pitchfork, which the Previously On segment did NOT show. You… might actually want to check that out at some point before the next Episode comes out, in case the import didn’t actually go through for some reason or if it was a glitch.

  8. I don’t see a part 1 :s

  9. The Blip-list is in the wrong order.

  10. A cat would never turn on you that way, :)

  11. so where’s the lonesome from yesterday? =D

  12. Clem should have used a Pokeball on the dog before it used Bite.

  13. @27:13 Part 2, that’s the thumbnail. ={P

  14. Like Frashar I also complained through the game about how cruel telltale has portrait all the people in this episode. That they would always take the the selfish approach. That they would let me die just because i appeared to have been bitten.

    But then again, like Farshar I also choose Nick over Luke, in spite of the fact that he was one of the few that cared about me. Just because they showed in a little scene that he was wounded. Which, as Kyle has pointed out, could also just been a cut.

    Seems like Telltale is spot on about the human mindset after all.


  15. Clementine Ketchum used Bait, but not in the Safari Zone. That’s why the wild Doggy used Bite, which was super effective and a critical hit.

  16. That dog scene was a low blow, TellTale.

  17. One of my major loves of this show, is how something as trivial as taking a watch by accident, could be soo funny.

  18. I’m sorry, but there is absolutely no way they could logically explain the dog turning on you like that.

    Even hungry, the dog displayed ample signs it was extremely tame. Even starving, a dog that tame wouldn’t suddenly turn on you. No dog that plays fetch, and gently brings back the frisbee, nor simply let’s the girl wander around his camp site where his family was.. it wouldn’t snap like that. Not so suddenly, anyways.

  19. I am sorry, but I laughed at the scene with the dog attacking Clementine. Not because I enjoyed the resulting animal cruelty, but at the fact that it was so ridiculous and unnecessarily over the top. In fact my initial thought was, “Well, that stupid. That came out of fucking nowhere!”

    I mean seriously, was that whole thing really necessary to the story? Was the scene trying to convey that dogs are also backstabbing, lying, cheating assholes in the zombie apocalypse who turn on you without a moment’s notice? I think Ben summed it up best, “I don’t accept that we went from playing frisbee with the dog, and then it turns on you.” It wasn’t like Clementine was teasing it, starving it, and singing off key over a period of time. She just meet it!

    P.S. If my laughing at the whole dog scene offends anyone, then I am sorry. It was not my intention to offend anyone. I was just laughing at how stupid it ended up being. Kinda the reason why I stopped watching the TV series too actually…

    • joe, me too. i laughed in the chat because of how silly it fit. It was such a build up to a new companion and i was expecting the crew’s explosive anger at how it turned out. They just got it wrong with their options really, and it needed to decide not to attack if you chose to play frisbee and you petted it at the start (which makes it growl in their game).

      • * ‘they’ being TellTale

        • Yeah, Telltale definitely used that dog attack as a flimsy plot device to get Clementine to meet that new group. I think that’s what annoys me the most about that whole scenario.

          And the dog bite just became another lazy reason to get the new group to bicker amongst each other like a bunch of idiots (Season 2 of The Walking Dead TV show, I’m looking at you…) instead of arguing about, you know, actually concerns.

  20. A dog can go from friendly to aggressive if it’s not trained properly. A dog that still thinks that it’s the alpha male can do that even to its owner.

  21. Even I wouldn’t touch my friend’s dog’s food source, no matter how friendly the canine is. I knew Sam was going to attack the very moment that Clem tries to take the food away. Though it’s a rare occurrence, a normal dog attacking its owner for standing near the former’s food bowl does happen, even more so when a complete stranger tries to take food away from a dog which might’ve starved for days.

    Ya’ll saw how friendly domesticated people in season one have the capability to be shitty. Dog’s are not excluded.

  22. 1. I tried to help Christa. Better to be with someone than by yourself, imo.
    2. Killed the dog. Basically what Fraser said at the end.
    3. I did not give the man water. He and his crew attacked us, so it was payback, basically. And I figured he wouldn’t tell me about Christa, anyway. His lack of answer told me that they killed her. So, no water for him.
    4. I accepted Nick’s apology. He wasn’t being a jerk about it, and I understood his nervousness in that situation.
    5. I went with Nick. Pete seemed to have been bitten, so I didn’t think there was hope for him. It sucks ’cause I liked him.

    • Spoiler warning for the TV show if you haven’t watched it and intend to someday: There might’ve been hope for Pete because a character survived a bite through amputation in the TV series. Even one of the characters in this episode mentioned somebody surviving the bite through the same method. Though I’ll say that the chances are still slim; the sole survivor of the amputation was the only example of the show, after all.

      I always assumed that Lee either amputated too late, or that proper medical treatment wasn’t applied to slow down the bacteria after the amputation.

      • I watch the show, too, and I know the situation you’re talking about. However, I went with how it was portrayed in the game. Lee still turned despite his effort cutting off his arm. So my mind automatically adjusted to that conclusion and figured it would be too late for Pete, anyway. I certainly didn’t see a quick way to get rid of his leg at that time, either.

    • Cool! I think it’s interesting to see what other people answered.

  23. And I didn’t take the watch…. lol. With the hand icon having Clementine take stuff as many times as she did, I assumed she would have taken the watch, so I left it alone. Why there would be an option for her to take the watch, I have no idea. lol It is pretty silly.
    Having friends to talk to over the game may cause you to pay less attention to what’s going on. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite Fraser in the butt too bad.

  24. I cried a little at the dog part, then went back to see ben’s and frasers reaction to it….i laughed a bit. Shame on me.

  25. I love Clem so much and I miss the dynamic duo of her and Lee.
    Also…wtf, I was so hoping for that dog to be our awesome companion throughout the game (though I’m sure that they would have broken our hearts eventually)!

  26. im not watching no more because of that dog

  27. how come i cant watch it

  28. If you link civilization, there is a civilization board game.

  29. Are you ever going to upload the rest of this to Youtube?

  30. :/ Where is part 7?? Anyone? D:

  31. “If you are watching this in the middle of June…” Well darn, missed the convenient timing by a month.

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