The Wind Waker is AWESOME! – Episode 2

January 4, 2014 in The Wind Waker, Video Games AWESOME! by

windwaker episode 2

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  1. Hey guys! Show starts at 01:01:15

  2. show starts at 1:01:20

  3. Show starts at 1:01:15

  4. Show starts at 58:36!

  5. Love the fast upload, thanks guys!

  6. I…I really like Frash’s derp Link voice.
    It’s my favourite thing….of all the things….this year.

  7. Always good to see Becky doing some of the voices. She’s made a lot of improvement.

  8. I appreciate the quick uploads, so much.

  9. I feel like fraser likes the Zelda lets plays cause he always gets the opportunity for the muffled screaming voice in those.
    Well, and the games all are masterpieces with almost all a specific look and feel to them.

  10. This is by far the best VGA episode of the year so far :3

  11. They asked for fanart showing a person not able to use a key more than once. Although it isn’t fan art this video addresses that very issue.

  12. I’m in love with the Turbo view. Nothing else seems to want to play right, even if I drop the quality and let the entire thing buffer.

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