Tales From TURBO Town! – Episode 1

January 27, 2014 in Minecraft, Tales from TURBO Town! by

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12 responses to Tales From TURBO Town! – Episode 1

  1. this show was just wicked awesome, Plus it was the first MineCraft that I actually participated in. Even though there was a Huge amount of lag at the beginning and I felt that I should have done more than build a house/shack on the river bank, it was just so cool to see 237 people on a server at once! Thank you Becky and Fraser for making this show possible!!

  2. Just 5 minutes in and I’m starting to remember why minecraft shows annoy me so. Nothing against Frash, Becky or any of the mods, of course, but watching such a rowdy and unruly group (which is, to some extent, expected given how many people are actually there), well, I understand why minecraft shows on the server are so stressful.

  3. *stares* ……….oh. The chest is locked…… my bad.

  4. lol let you know twice WackyWhitney

  5. Whoo, I can see my house(shack)spot at 1.06.00 (part 1). It was a great time playing in Turb town:) hopefully I can get on there on the third session! Anyone knows when that is?

  6. As awesome as this amazing map system looks, my hermit heart weeps a little. I need to go where no one has gone before, with a bed in my pocket and place it just before my hearts run out, far away from the boundaries of civilisation. Oh woe is me.

  7. I must say, that looks awesomely fun to play, but for some reason, I just can’t force myself to watch this episode with enjoyment. I loved the survival episodes before, even some of the vacation episodes as well, but this is just chaos . I admit, I don’t play minecraft, so that’s my problem right there, but I just can’t get into this. Again, I can understand why that would be fun to play, with a community that large and dedicated, but I’ll stick to other episodes.

  8. Am I doing something wrong, I get “This video does not exist” on all the videos lately? I fell asleep while live and would like to see the rest.

    • I will answer myself: Turns out that my firefox add-on “youtube high definition” will do that unless one uncheck the box “enable support for embedded videos”. Live and learn… Great add-on though.

  9. I love the idea of a town being built only online, so we can watch it grow over naturally over time. As long as there’s always an objective to fulfill and the time between shows isn’t too long, I think that’s a great variant of Survival!

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