Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations is AWESOME! – Episode 5

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  1. Thanks for the fast upload.
    You posted the ‘commercial break’ (Parts 38 and 38,5) twice though.

  2. Thanks for the heads up @DarkBee! It’s been fixed.

  3. Wait…were you being serious about not being able to hear high frequency noises? Because that would actually explain the whole Octodad issue with the high pitched buzzing at the beginning! :O

  4. Glad there is a upload of the episode, missed like a half or three quarters of it. :)

  5. you know, i thought i had gotten used to the jokes fraser makes sometimes with the pedophilia and the fucking and the what not. but watching this made me realize that i hadn’t yet. sigh. guess i’m going to have to get even more desensitized somehow. lol.

  6. Regarding how Pearl got around in the second game, here’s the exact dialogue from Justice from All (lifted from “Phoenix Wright: Justice for All is AWESOME! Part 12: Spawn of Von Karma”, starting at around two minutes):

    Maya (to Pearl): “Hey, where’s your mother? Didn’t you two come together?”
    Pearl: “Mother is watching over the trainees.”
    Pearl: “She said they have training for two days straight with no breaks.”
    Maya: “Huh? Then… Then… You came all by yourself?”
    Pearl: “Yup! I snuck out of the manor and followed a map.”
    Phoenix: “Don’t tell me you walked all the way here…”
    Pearl: “Of course not! …I ran!
    Phoenix: “That’s… I can’t… Oh my… (If it takes two hours by train… Oh man…)
    Maya: “Pearly… What about the train?”
    Pearl: “Huh? What’s a… ‘tray-in’?”
    Phoenix: “(I give up…)

  7. So, any bets on how quickly Fraser makes the ” I was there, you can take the defense attorney’s word!” joke next episode?

    My money’s on part 3 =P

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