Bravely Default is AWESOME!

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  1. Every old school gamer: Games nowadays are too easy! They don’t let the player do anything for themselves! I liked it when you felt accomplished for figuring something out yourself.

    Fraser: Why didn’t it force me to change jobs? It should know that I can’t do anything for myself!

    Great job, Frash. You just solidified the reasoning for easy games.

  2. Also, ya done **** the bed.

    You forgot to pair classes with better weapons, get better weapons, get armor, buy spells, and use the extra job ability. The Red Mage had B/W Magic and Bushido, because you assigned the job ability to something different than the original ability.

  3. The demo isn’t perfect for the fact that it throws you in. However, once you get how the systems work it a really good demo. Jobs work very well with adding different skills from other job for some nice combos.

  4. He just wants all games to hold his hand and is therefore a part of the problem.

  5. It is a good game once you get past the mechanics (which should take seconds), Best part is friends an strangers in the street can help in a battle

  6. Well for the show it makes things a lot easier. You guys seem to forget there are a bunch of other things fraser has to deal with while the show is live.

  7. I gave this demo a whirl when it came out, and I also found it pretty confusing on a first try. Things that require this much attention and management aren’t for the show, but I think it’s great that they gave it a try based on audience interest!

  8. I thought it was a really entertaining show haha
    Dat poison! xD

  9. Games are supposed to challenge you and this is an RPG which rewards exploration and equipment management. I’m just saying.

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