The Wolf Among Us is AWESOME! – Part 3

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  1. I can’t help but feel disappointed and a little annoyed that you only played the intro. I will not be buying this game as I can’t stand the gameplay but watch for the story or for your reactions, the same goes for The Walking Dead and a lot of the indie games played on the show. A lot of these games I only experience by watching this show. Looks like I’ll be waiting a long time before I can experience The Wolf Among Us.

    • Well, we’re not here to replace games. The mandate of the show is to promote and encourage purchases that help the gaming industry.

      • I have bought games in the past based on VGA shows(Dragons Dogma for example) but I feel that people who weren’t convinced by your playthough of Episode 1 won’t be convinced by a small snippet of Episode 2.

        • Well,if you want to the experience the story earlier you could always just buy the game. I mean,thats what these games are all about right?

        • It’s not their concern whether people want to watch the playthrough. You’re offering criticism and they completely disagree. They have a fanbase and they’re making a living. They don’t need your help.

          They’re doing what they want which is promoting the video game industry, not satisfying some people’s need for a story.

  2. Since nobody who hasn’t seen or played Episode 1 is likely to watch Episode 2, I feel it’s kind of pointless to just tease the intro. Why not wait one or two weeks in the first place and play the whole thing then? Telltale episodes are short to begin with, which makes it unnessessary to split them into two shows.

    • That makes more sense than doing a teaser IMO. It’s true that Telltale episodes are short and I thought it was weird Episode 1 was split into two shows(according to the YouTube playlist it is less than three hours long).

      • I didn’t mind that Episode 1 was split in two parts, because it was a new game back then. It’s a basic VGA policy that Fraser does a first look and then tells us to go play it ourselves (which I did). Doing a first look for Episode 2 on the other hand was kind of weird, because it’s basically just the second chapter of the same game. If you’re not convinced that “The Wolf Among Us” is awesome by the end of Episode 1, this teaser probably won’t change this.

        When I read the Twitter announcement for the show, I was like “Shit, gotta play Episode 2 before the show starts!”, because I expected the whole episode in one show (like it was with “The Walking Dead”) and didn’t want to get spoiled. So I downloaded and played it in one sitting and got all hyped up for the show – which ended after 20 minutes. So I’m not really complaining (I know they will pick it up again soon) – I’m just disappointed that it was that short, when there was no real need for it. I would have preferred waiting a week and watching the whole thing.

    • As someone who finished ep 2 last night I favour this approach too, but at the end of the day it’s up to ol’ Frash and Bek Bek how they go about it. I’ll just wait until both of the episodes are posted and watch them back to back…in the meantime I am gonna watch the indie stuff that was just uploaded :)

  3. I played the game on the Xbox 360 and it only really lagged on the beginning flashback cut scene.

  4. Wow, calling people one of the most misused words in gaming culture(entitled) in the comments of a YouTube video for simply offering some criticism. Face it, it wasn’t a good idea to do this teaser video to something that a lot of people were looking forward to watching you play. We already have to wait for Telltale to make the Episode and now we have to wait for you. It detracts from the game by playing something so short in multiple sessions.

    A great deal of fans play the game as soon as a new Episode is released and watch for your reactions, some fans don’t automatically buy games because you play them on the show and watch to experience games. We don’t because then we’d have large libraries filled with games from genres we don’t enjoy. I watch for a combination of experiencing games that I have no desire to play and because I like to watch you guys reactions and personalities. You guys have become to the only “lets players”(I don’t really consider you guys that). I’ve watched every single VGA show I could get my hands on, even some that I watched for hours despite being bored.

    • Calling us demanding as well on Twitter. We offered our honest opinions. We did not demand a single thing. No one said you should replace games. Thanks for twisting our words I guess.

    • Oh and when I said “You guys have become to the only “lets players”(I don’t really consider you guys that).” I meant to say “You guys have become the only “lets players”(I don’t really consider you guys that) that I watch anymore.”

  5. I guess this whole discussion could have been prevented by announcing “a short glimpse at Episode 2”. But reading “The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 is AWESOME! LIVE at 7pm!” made people expect a regular show and go all “Wait, what?” in the end. Even Becky was butthurt, which was cute and helped soften the blow. ^^

    Regarding the game’s performance I think Telltale should have revamped their engine years ago. I played all Telltale games on PC and even there the performance isn’t all that great – so it’s not just hardware issues. Even “Sam & Max” or “Tales from Monkey Island” back in the day felt pretty clunky. I really hope they get this fixed before “Borderlands” and “Game of Thrones” are released.
    I guess being stuck on one system is the price you pay for a story-driven game, where all your decisions carry over – to the extent that, in the case of “The Walking Dead”, you can’t even switch systems between seasons. This leaves Fraser with three options:
    (1) live with the poor performance
    (2) buy the games again for PC and play them a second time, replicating all the decisions in order to prevent inconsistencies with the existing shows (which in the case of “The Wolf Among Us” would be tedious – in the case of “The Walking Dead” absolutely rediculous)
    (3) buy the games again for PC and get a Turbo to replicate all the decisions and send Fraser the savegame (if I find the time, i would ^^)

  6. I don’t even understand it. I mean, sure I was a little disappointed that we only played 20 minutes of this chapter at the time, but we all know they’re going to pick it up again soon. What’s there to be upset about? Besides, Fraser himself probably didn’t expect this chapter to be so short (I know I didn’t. But then again, I don’t own the game and my memory was fuzzy with the first episode so I couldn’t remember how long it was.) And look at the bright side. Since it was so short, we got to enjoy seeing him play other games. :^D

  7. I don’t wanna hop into the negativity bandwagon, but this was pretty crappy, I thought you were finally going to continue the story (as my hangover brain didn’t really catch that intro thing in the title).

  8. Dave Fennoy, the voice of Lee in The Walking Dead 1 is voicing Bluebeard btw.

  9. Seriously guys, here is what you can do if it upsets you that we only played the intro: wait a week or two until the rest is out, then watch it all together, and pretend that we played it in ONE SITTING!

    • Fraser, please check your eMails. I sent you a savegame that is an exact copy of your playthrough. You could use that to continue the game on Steam.

    • I appreciate you guys promoting the games. I actually prefer shortish intro shows for games I plan on playing myself. Broken Age comes to mind and you guys pushed me over the fence on that one. And I made an effort not to watch too far ahead in the Mass Effect 3 shows until I caught up with you.

      As for the butthurt… I didn’t get angry, but I was kind of startled. I barely got comfortable listening when youcalled it off. Yes, it’ll be in sequence once it’s fitted it in a playlist along with the rest of the playthrough in the end. But until then the bad pacing kind of ruins it… :( which begs the question, why even do it then?

      Now that being said, I don’t think you planned for it to be that short this time. It’s actually very impressive how you steer the flow of the show, even within segments! This time I guess you just saw the opportunity for a good cliffhanger and went for it.

      Anyway I’m looking forward to the next Episode! :)

  10. Fwash Fwash is such a tease :p

    • also, complaining about a short show is almost as bad as the people who complain about the choices they make when they play. If you really want to see it played and played the way you would play it, stop being cheap and buy the damn thing.

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