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  1. Clem giving the eyebrow look when Carver is looking around the house is great. Clem giving attitude is best Clem.

  2. I get the feeling that Frash is gonna get shit for this episode but he shouldn’t. I do not understand his decision making process, but the thing is I’m not here to see my decisions recreated for me. I’m here to see Frash and company play, in whatever way they like. If peeps got a problem they can shit in an envelope and mail it back to themselves.

    Just sayin.

  3. This episode was so funny you guys are always awesome. I did have a lot of gripes about this Episode. It may seem mean but i hate how this groups pregnant women is what is causing all this trouble mostly, and the group itself i really don’t care for. Carlos is okay but he’s dumb for what he has done to his daughter. Nick is a moron through and through, acts without thinking or nothing, it really is a surprise he lasted as long as he did. I really don’t have an opinion about Luke, he just seems kinda there, and i definitely don’t care for Alvin and Rebecca. And the whole pregnant thing is right too, this woman is what all the ruckus is about, i wish there was an option to boot her and other group out and continue on with Kenny’s group. I hated how everyone ignored that people were following Clem’s group and were then surprised when armed people came in and held them hostage. It was just stupid mistake after stupid mistake and the TV show is the same, i don’t ever feel like i’m watching something interesting when people are acting irrational or dumb and then they act surprised that they end up in a shitty situation. I like watching something where the characters are in a bad situation and make it out some how. I also hated the fact that they made a bit deal about the storm and made it all seem big and bad, but Carver came up no problem, took over the lodge and then proceeded to lead the group out all in one go, guess the storm wasn’t so bad? Urgh.

    Idk, i can go on about all the little things but a lot of this episode was a lot of stupid stuff it felt like. I might get hate but hey Fraser does so w/e its just difference of opinions. Although i was irritated at a lot of similar stuff. Guess you can’t be pragmatic in a TV/Video game series and have a good story also.

    • “I like watching something where the characters are in a bad situation and make it out some how”

      Yea.. Because THAT has never been done before. Except 90 % of all movies and shows.

      Doing that is fine sometimes, but it get’s old fast that people just keep getting out if impossible situations. That’s why i love Game of Thrones so much. George RR Martin isn’t afraid to kill off big characters, if he feels like it’s realistic that they would die in such a situation.

  4. I wonder if after seeing this episode, Telltale will make you take control of Kenny instead.

  5. At the end… I’ll give some credit to Telltale with this episode.

    In this episode you actually can save two characters, and Fraser’s choice was actually not saving them… making its choice mechanism actually accurate.
    First, if you convince Walter (the most rational character in some time) to forgive Nick, he can save him. Second, there was actually a [save Alvin] option, either way if you surrender to Carver or not. And Fraser consciously decided not to save them, because he thought they were not helpful.

    Fraser is having what he’s chosing, and that is how Telltale is making this game.

  6. Can I just say that Youtube is full of assholes?

  7. I’m a big fan of the comic and I very much enjoyed the first season of the Telltale series. I’d say it rivals the comic. The TV series is a piece of shit for various reasons but dumb decisions and bad writing are the most glaring.

    That being said, I’m really worried about this second Telltale season. It started with little things like Clem leaving her gun on the sink in the bathroom which can be excused. I was cringing a little when Nick shot Mathew out of the fucking blue… but they set him up to be a confused and unstable character. However, Clem not telling everyone about the flashlights and the Carlos group not going on full alert when she does is inconsistent on their part and way out of character on Clem’s part.
    Also, characters don’t seem like actual people all of a sudden. Lack of character progression may of course be due to them making the plot more fast-paced (which may be a bad idea). But I think it has more to do with the writers trying to ‘make drama happen’: The pregnant lady is there to rile everybody up (she’s a hormone-infused woman!); the (heavily implied) homosexual couple is there to be killed so the two groups’ divide will turn hostile; Kenny’s psychological quirks (the “Duck”-moment) is just there to make the player second-guess their decision if they went with him… (even though there might be something to that storyline worth exploring, I’ll reserve judgement on that one)

    I guess the first season had similar moments here and there. But the great writing back then just managed to hide it so much better!

    P.S. Is it just me or is Carver just David from the Last of Us sans SPOILERS?

  8. I look forward to Fraser playing the game a different way than I have, so I can see the alternate scenarios. After letting Ben die in the first season, I’m not surprised at Fraser making the decision for letting others die that he views as useless. I try to use the “strength in numbers” philosophy in my playthru. I may hate other characters, but unless they’re a serious threat to Clem, I’d rather have them be alive, just in case.

  9. It’s funny how Fraser keeps complaining about Clem having to do everything and about people making stupid decisions. What’s the alternative? First, Clem standing around watching people do stuff would be boring, since she is the player character now. Lee had to do everything for everyone else, too. This is a game after all – and with the huge amount of dialogues, the player needs at least a little action from time to time. And second, a zombie story without stupid decisions would be pointless, because if everyone acts rational and careful all the time, there would never be any real danger.
    In a real life zombie apocalypse it might be wise to barricade yourself in that skiing lodge, but four episodes of Clem hiding in said lodge would make a pretty lame game. When it comes to zombie stories, you need an extra amount of suspension of disbelief, because always thinking “I would act differently in this situation.” really takes the fun out of it. Rational thinking in zombie times tends to keep you safe – and nobody wants to see that.

    • Fraser isn’t quite getting into the role of a little girl trying to come up with decisions and plans on the fly. It’s easy to state the “obvious” solutions on your home couch, but Clementine doesn’t have that luxury. Not that staying in a huge, incredibly conspicuous ski lodge with huge windows all over is a remotely good idea during a zombie apocalypse, in any case. It’s at best a comfy rest spot for a day or two.

      It is rather silly how all the adults keep deferring to Clem and putting her to do jobs that others would be more qualified to do, but that’s the cross that a player character has to bear. Some of them fortunately do make sense; everybody has to do something useful in a survivalist group, so nimble and small Clem is a good choice for long distance reconnaissance, even though an adult could technically do that job just as well, and it’s a smart tactic to make her the spokesperson when dealing with a suspicious but not immediately hostile outsider; most people really aren’t inclined to shoot a little girl unless they seriously have no choice.

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