Pre PAX East 2014 Show and Trailer!

April 6, 2014 in PAX East 2014, Show and Trailer, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Fraser, thank you for getting this posted so quickly, especially given I heard it was a LONG show. I missed it last night and I’ve been looking forward to this! Much appreciated good sire.

  2. Anyone else having problems with Part 4 playing past about 12:00? Part 5 works fine, odd…

  3. 54 parts?! You really don’t want me to do anything today, do you?

  4. Holy Cow 54 parts!?! There goes my Monday! lol
    I love you guys I couldn’t watch the show yesterday because I go to bed at 11 here in england!
    Thanks so much fraser for getting these up really quickly on the YouTubes! You guys are awesome!!!!!!!

  5. (Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare)
    It’s so addictively awesome; You’ve got to play it on the show Fraser!

  6. @grandsku @gamenator2011 We got snagged in the screenshot, quick, hide! Game, you’re behind Ben and Kyle, Grandal you’re behind me on the far left, as we stare at that car that was tempting the cops (behind Ben on the right) to chase them. Ah, good times.

  7. I, as a 13 year old, 12 when I got Cave Story, can confirm that the kids’ generation loves pixelated games, too.

    Or, at least, the ones that have good taste in games. You know the ones. The ones who take graphics with a grain of salt, but take game play and level design into serious consideration.

  8. So lets see we got: Frasher the asshole, Big-Dick Becky, Pregnant Kyle, Dick head deacon, and Ben the Hater. I like these new nicknames.

  9. Thanks for posting so quickly I was busy and thought I missed the whole show and when I checked I came in towards the end of movie trailers. So now I can see all that I missed.

  10. 72 parts?! What in the what?!!!! I’ve been gone for a whole and damn I have some major catching up to do!

  11. here’s the thing about the number of parts: a lot of them are really short, as in under 10 minutes

  12. I was actually invited to play test The Division at Massive Entertainment’s HQ since it’s only like 2,5 hours from where I live. Sadly I don’t have a car so I couldn’t get there. Really bummed about that.

  13. Don’t worry Becky, less costumes is a small price to pay for more VGA!

  14. Thank you for telling me about the “Attack on Titan” anime it was awesome. :D

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