Amazon Fire TV is AWESOME!

April 19, 2014 in Amazon Fire TV, Unboxing, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. I can see where it may be a problem with the games in the Amazon Fire (Same can be said about how the Apple store games) is the large amount of cheap, low quality games there are and the lack of company control over the quality of them. It the reason why the big companies regulate games and help keep the market with lots of above average to high quality games rolling and instead of fuddling the market. I bet there are many great games for these devices and having a open system for developers is cool but the way they’re managing them makes it hard to find whats good specially for those who aren’t listening to video game news. Also at the end of the day many of the games are already out with better prices and many of us have a real gaming system that can do many of the features that this small box can do.

  2. With Amazon Fire TV the remote and gamepad are bluetooth connected. If you have controllers that are blutooth enebaled you can use them instead of the Amazon branded controller.

  3. It’s mostly about amazon’s refusal to adopt bitcoins but has some details of the amazon coins i mentioned in the chat.

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