Daylight is AWESOME!

May 1, 2014 in Daylight, Video Games AWESOME! by

Yes daylight IS awesome, which is why Becky and I are headed to the beach: to soak some in. While we do that, watch us play this terrible game, coincidently called Daylight.

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  1. Well that was disappointing. Even if we point out small mistakes Fraser made like missing the key, the game still have problems in terms of design like having a real threat to be afraid of and not some ghost that pops up from time to time or having most of the game doing note gathering (That should just be a side thing and not a main mission!) or how lacking the story is. I still give the game some credit for having good atmosphere and the developer was better at doing more action games like Blacklight: Retribution. And those who’re wondering Atlus was just publishing it for the PS4 (The studio itself was doing publishing for the PC). Just a way for them to get started on the next platform before their main series can get on it.

  2. I think the biggest problems are that it’s too vague in what you are supposed to be doing and why do it, and it tells the story ONLY through notes, not even the voice your talking to makes any sense. Also, there was no real threat in the game, so, like near the end of the stream, Fraser wasn’t scared of running through the halls.

    Also, I don’t know if this would seem inappropriate, but I’d like to suggest a good scary game to Fraser. Fatal Frame. I know it’s an old game, but the graphics are still nice, the story is hella interesting, the gameplay is interesting, and it’s very, very, VERY scary. At least I thought it was.

  3. aywot said on May 1, 2014

    I only saw the beginning and ending of the game (I sleep with the show on) but did the ghost ever show up at all in the levels following the first one? I know that one of the major flaws is that there’s no real threat in the first level but there’s plenty in the levels after it. I’ve played through the game and the enemies only show up once you’ve collected notes.

  4. still more interesting than Hearthstone!

  5. So, it’s a carnival haunted house disguised as a video game?

  6. Oh my god, this game is so fucking boring that I didn’t realise I’d seen this already until the Tank Girl conversation started.

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