The Walking Dead is AWESOME! – Season 2 – Episode 3

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  1. Three is the best survival number I reckon. If one gets injured it takes two ppl to carry the injured one. It also means there is always someone to break up an argument.

  2. I’v had aspergers my whole life and it has given me time to study it. going back and looking at her behavior over the course of the story, she definitely does not have it. people with aspergers are: socially awkward (have difficulty interacting in a socially environment) have trouble learning from past mistakes and are often clumsy/forgetful. Sarah warmed up to clem in seconds (even after being given clear singles that clem is not entrusted by Fraser :l), she learned to shut up after being smacked once, and hasn’t fallen or dropped anything as far as i can tell. but one thing i’m seeing are clear warning signs of suicidal thoughts. The simple, peaceful world her father made for her has been crushed and replaced by slavery, zombies, and psychopaths in only a day or so. if anything i’d say she is just plan mentally unstable from having been forced into this hard life completely out of the blue.

    • its too easy to apply labels, and increasingly common in the US from what i have read. what you have described is basically everyone i have met in online gaming in the last 10 years. i also didn’t really get a sense that there was any suicidal thoughts from Sarah – she is just naive and reacting to a situation she is unacquainted with because of her father’s sheltering.

  3. U guys know that the wolf among us is out to right

  4. The guy playing Reggie is Kumail Nanjiani and I find him quite irritating and annoying so I’m glad Reggie died early on and didn’t become a long-term character.

  5. Such an improvement over the last two episodes! They finally let you make Clem a stone cold badass! I also like how it showed that Tavia, the lady from 400 days who convinced people to go to the camp, was just a lying jerk after all too.

  6. I don’t understand how Sarah’s dad saying “shes not like you” = having a mental condition. Thats just jumping to conclusions beyond belief. He could have meant so many things, like:
    1) Shes not as tough as Clem
    2) She hasn’t experienced any combat or deaths as much
    3) Shes naive
    4) Shes been sheltered because he’s overprotective and he finally realizes it was a mistake

    Thats just naming a few possibilities. Unless a character specifically says she had issues, then I will always just consider her to be a dummy who was raised poorly by her father.

  7. Episode 4 should be named “Clementine is Awesome”. The game is good, but without her I wouldn’t be nearly as invested.

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