Murdered: Soul Suspect is AWESOME!

June 4, 2014 in Murdered: Soul Suspect, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Playing this game made me feel like I had been pushed out of a window and shot seven times. It’s too bad, because the story is good.

  2. The game had a lot of potential, but it just seems like it was rushed out. The smart thing to do would have been to release it in the Fall, that way they could work the bugs out and add some polish, and also it would have been fitting to put out a game like this, one based around Salem witch history and ghost stories, around Halloween.

    • or maybe just bad project control rather than rushed out. with smaller developers the availability of someone dedicated to keeping creatives and developers disciplined can be the biggest problem. this game seems to be a classic of unrestrained (and good) ideas without the capacity to develop them fully.

  3. If VGA ever returns to this game, I’d like to request guest appearances by Hugo and Ruddager. Or a giant image of the real Salem behind the couch. Honestly I’m not sure which request is better.

    Meowdered: Soul Suspurrct

  4. Perhaps down to the poor reception, the developer has closed down:

    it’s a shame as although i was not keen on this game (missed opportunities I felt), Quantum Conundrum was fun.

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