The Walking Dead is AWESOME! – Season 2 – Episode 4

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  1. Calling it now… Clem and baby are the only ones to survive, they meet up with Jane somewhere along the way who is now knocked up with Luke’s baby. And then Molly. They then start a new society of badasses. /nod

    • If Luke managed to get Jane pregnant in the short time they had then I admire his virility! My call is that Clem abandons the sinking ship and is alone again at the end. All those scenes with Jane, totally foreshadowing.

      • Uhhh, it only takes one time to make a baby. Anyone with an average level of virility can make a baby on the first try. =P

        • the joke was that they only got to cuddle a bit while fully dressed. i can assure you that i have done extensive research online on how people make babies.

          • Except it’s just like Becky said, they 100%, without a doubt boned. The implication when you walk up is that you caught them just as they were getting dressed again. He even says that “she offered, and I needed it.” I really doubt he was talking about cuddling. >.>

  2. Episode was fine, but still no where near the quality of any episode in season 1. I say that Clem leaves and takes Lee 2.0 with her and they can survive in the zombie times until they meet up with Ghost Lee and then nuke the country and its happily ever after.

    Also, am I the only who thinks it is completely unbelievable that these guys think they can actually support a baby in zombie times? I would’ve just shot Rebecca as soon as she started feeling pain because it was obvious she wouldn’t make it.

    I swear…if there is an option to take the baby with Clem or she has to…I’ll just give up on TWD then.

  3. If you die of natural causes, you still turn.

  4. You know, I’ve thought about it, and I think I would honestly need to off my family from day one of a zombie outbreak and/or apocalypse event. Literally none of them are in any shape to run, fight, or do anything physical at all and would make the absolute worst decisions at every turn and expect me to follow. It’d be better than just letting them face a gruesome death.

  5. It’s interesting seeing Frash’s playthrough because this is a version of the story I would never have seen. I make all my decision on empathy and emotion. For example, I saved Sarah, not because I really liked her character, and not didn’t see her weakness, but because not saving Sarah never even crossed my mind as an option. My brain mode won’t let it happen, so if not for Frash, I’d never know the darker, logic based narrative.

  6. Babies know when to be quiet, LOL. The baby that survived in the concentration camp was born a few weeks before the camp was liberated and it weighed so little and probably was premature that is probably why she wasn’t found out by the Nazi’s, because she couldn’t cry very loud to begin with maybe. There was another incident where a baby was born in the camps, but it was born on liberation day delivered by a Russian doctor, instead of the Nazi’s.

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