The Walking Dead AWESOME! – Season 2 Finale!

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  1. I didn’t watch the VGA finale as I write this. But during results “Friendship” had 10% went with Jane. I did keep her with me.

  2. -Spoiler Warning-

    I cannot believe there wasn’t an option to either ditch the baby or kill it. Let’s be honest, the baby will NOT survive. I’d rather shoot it than have it get ripped to pieces later on. Besides, I feel like it just doesn’t make sense for either Jane or Clementine to care for the baby. It’ll just hinder their survival!

    Anyways, fun episode. I liked seeing how you would make the story play out Fraser!

  3. I didn’t really agree with the way Fraser ended that but luckily since he plays completely different from me luckily thats exactly why I love this show. It gives me a perspective of what I missed in a comical fashion.

  4. I am glad that Fraser sticks to his guns, but I’d have to disagree with his decision about Jane. That girl manipulated Clementine to view Kenny as a threat, and while Kenny was unstable at points throughout the game, having the baby did demonstrate him walking away from the edge. It’s great that Jane was a very resourceful character, but I feel like she just used Clementine (and by extension Fraser) to do what she told Clem to do. When Mike, Bonnie and Arvo were leaving, why didn’t Jane go with them or step away from Kenny at that point? Also, we all knew Kenny was destablizing, but why did Jane have to push him like she did? Why did she want to show Clem “what he was really like”? She knows what he’s really like from the first game. As a resourceful character, she eliminated an extra pair of working hands that would aid in their survival, not to mention someone else to look after the baby. Jane isn’t patient enough and Clem isn’t old enough to be looking after it (isn’t she 10-12?). Fraser may be sucking up to the Jane because she’s “cool” or because she’s undoubtedly resourceful, but I think by wanting to appeal to her that it sets Clem down a path that Lee wouldn’t have wanted, and too bitter to be taking care of a newborn infant by herself. So Frash, do what you want, you can chose however path the game allows you to follow, but in my opinion I think in-game you stepped away from true friends who had better interests for your character.

    • Yeah I too went with Kenny, and the ending including him really shows his true colors in the end (I was very happy with it). I was way more angry at Jane, but I was angry at Jane because of the poor writing in the last 10 min of that episode, and not disliking the actual character the other 95% of the time. It’s like Bonnie was supposed to be in that car with you, all of the dialogue fits closer to her character than Jane’s.

  5. Good Cod the Youtube comments were insane on this one. Seriously I have red marks on my head from multiple face palms. Anyway, great show as always, I absolutely loved the way this season ended. The ending really made up for all the logic B.S. from the start of the season.

    • Yeah, you ain’t kidding. I didn’t agree with Fraser’s views on Jane at the end, but having people call him a sociopath (even someone in the chat did this), insult his intelligence and threaten to unsubscribe as a result? Some people really can’t seem to deal with the fact that people play games in differing ways, and make differing choices.

  6. I love watching Fraser and Co. play these kinds of games. Cause I don’t usually choose what they choose. Since it’s like physically impossible for me to choose something that might be pragmatic but would be considered rude or mean. So it’s really fun to watch someone play differently, especially on a game that’s about choices. Just putting my two cents out there.

  7. Thank you Fraser for being an honest player. People may not like the way you do things, I’ve been guilty of those kinda feelings, too, but who cares in the end? It’s just a game, and you got to play how you wanted.

    1. I protected the baby. …..why not? He was there, I grabbed him. I can understand people’s reasons for not keeping him, but after what his parents went through, I’d do them the favor of protecting him.
    2. I went to help Luke. I wouldn’t have if Bonnie hadn’t mentioned how light Clem was. It was then I thought there’d be a better chance then. Oh well. =P
    *Oh, and because I went to help Luke like Bonnie asked, she wasn’t a total jerk like she was here. It really sucks, actually, after seeing this. It’s either one way or the other with her. They could’ve written her better than that for this last part, and actually made you care more about her. I may be in the minority and didn’t mind Bonnie, but that’s just all. Didn’t love her or hate her. She was just there.*
    3. Yeah. That asking to leave with Mike thing was vague. Not sure what that was about. Anyway, I didn’t. =P
    4. I shot Kenny…. boy I hated doing it, but I did. I teared up. I’m glad Kenny accepted it, though. In the end, I felt it was the right thing to do. Jane was right. Speaking of which…
    5. Whether that last choice was about forgiving Jane or rejecting the family, I was with Jane. Her plan was pretty insane, but it worked. She knows what’s up and she convinced me, otherwise I don’t think I would’ve had the figurative balls to ditch or kill Kenny. Jane knew Kenny was dangerous to have around and this was the way to get things done. Does that make me a sociopath? Uh, as far as I know, I haven’t killed anybody in real life. So, no. And I’m pretty sure Fraser hasn’t murdered anybody, either, so the same goes for him…. I also told the family to leave. In the beginning of the game, I would have. After what Clem and I went through, it was easier to reject them. Clem has grown up and so have I. This was a good game.

  8. The first season had you make decisions based on who you are, because you played a guy who’s background you don’t know. So you don’t make decisions based on who he is. This season, however, you play the girl you helped protect to begin with. You experienced things with her. So, it’s hard to tell if you’re still playing as you, or if you’re supposed to lean Clementine to who you feel she’s supposed to be. It’s still interesting, because she’s still young and she’s still learning things. At the same time, you are. Because of these new challenges you’re faced with.
    I felt a bit strange about it at first. I was playing as a character I felt pretty sure I knew based on the previous game. But the fact that she’s still young and learning new realities with the world, it’s pretty likely she could still change. And TellTale seemed to do a fine job as far as letting it be your decisions instead of hers.
    TellTale had a #MyClementine as a thing, where they asked who your Clementine was, making it apparent that Clementine doesn’t behave only one way (Youtube… =P). And their tagline for this last chapter, “Who Will You Become?” lead to the very real and mind churning decisions you had to make in the end, that defined who you were (not a sociopath, though. =P).
    As a younger Clementine, she didn’t make many choices and didn’t want anyone to get hurt. At the end of this, though, the older Clementine had to, thus making her become one or the other. I was nervous at first playing as Clementine, thinking I’d just do what I thought she would do. But the challenges and morals I faced really were tough for me AND Clementine. So, I’d say it turned out better than I thought. Bittersweet, but successful. =)

  9. After such an intense season of gaming like this, all those sad/grim/happy decisions, the game turned out to be very, very fun.

  10. Season 1, #MyLee couldn’t stand Kenny. Lee’s mantra was pretty much, “Fucking Kenny.” Nearly every five minutes I’d say that. His only concern was only ever his family, damn anybody else, which is fine. But he was just abrasive to anybody that disagreed with him, nearly to madness. Especially his obsession with boats. So when Molly showed up, and instantly became the only other competent member of the group, I just wanted to take Clem and leave with Molly. Molly seemed to realize this too, and got the hell out of there, not that I blame her.
    As much as I hate Kenny, when Clem found him again I was honestly overjoyed. Sticking with him seemed like a better bet than the group I was currently stuck with, and I would’ve really liked his company (since it seemed like he calmed the fuck down). Then Jane showed up and it was love at first sight all over again, just like Molly. Jane and Molly both have been the only characters other than the protagonist that have their shit together mentally and have the skills to survive. So I was trying to navigate to ditching the rest of the crew to run off with Kenny and Molly. It came as no shock when Jane left, just like Molly, sensing overwhelming incompetence and strife within our little crew.
    So when she came BACK, and for no other reason than ME, I cashed in all my chips with her. I wasn’t letting her go if I didn’t have to. And Kenny if possible, as he knew how to get shit done and his only concern was me (and the baby, which I ignore). But Jane was right, though Kenny’s priority was for the kids, ANY other dissenting opinion was going to turn him into another Carver. Just Clem and Kenny alone works out great, but he won’t tolerate anybody not following his every order. So when it came down to deciding between the two (when Mike and Bonnie were leaving I didn’t even think to join them, I shouted for Kenny and Jane), I didn’t even really have to think about putting down Old Yeller. And in the end, he seemed to know what he was becoming. Jane was right, she went over the line with Kenny just to show Clem the direction he was going down, and she even put her life on the line to force Clem into a decision. Jane bet on me, and she won.

    Also, #MyClementine is awakening to the fact that she’s a lesbian.

  11. Heh, Jane’s “cunning plan” kinda backfired on her during my playthrough. Can’t say I feel that bad about it. The only thing worse then a guy with violent outbursts is a backstabbing bitch. You never know when it’s your turn to be deceived. Got the ‘alone’-ending’ so I’m kinda glad Fraser took a different route for compairing the endings.

  12. The thing with Jane you have to realise is that she doesn’t backstab Kenny or Clem.
    Think of her plan as more like a test for Kenny. She wanted to see if what she suspected of him was really true. It’s extreme, sure. But a normal person would just leave Jane behind and let Clem decide for herself who to follow. Instead, he tries to kill her over (what he’d have to assume) an accident.

    With the way he reacts, Kenny is revealed as the violent psychotic he is.

    • 1. We already know that Kenny is mentally unstable and prone to violent outbursts, so purposefully poking him in the eye (pun not intended) till breakingpoint to ‘prove’ all that is like starting a forestfire to prove wood can burn. Congratulations, your thesis on wood burning proved true. Now deal with the burn.
      2. Lying and manipulating people to achieve your goal (like not wanting to go to Wellington) = backstabbing.
      3. Who tells me she’s not going to ‘test’ me in the future, when she has a change of plans?

      Yes Kenny was psychotic (or at least turned into one by pulling the right strings). That’s why I left him in the end. But I won’t shed a tear for Jane. She got killed by her own Frankenstein monster. Sure glad she won’t be around to experiment on me in season 3.

      • 1. We didn’t know for sure how Kenny would treat opposing viewpoints. Jane was setting the record straight if he was a rational person who could compromise, or a box of matches ready to burn. If it were obvious that he was nothing but a powderkeg, nobody would’ve followed him in the first place.
        2. No argument there. Though the backstab of letting the baby die was illusory. Her real backstab was trying to derail Kenny’s plans, but everybody knew she was never on board with his plan in the first place.
        3. It’s only prudent to test your group. The test is to see if you can be a rational human being, and Kenny failed with flying colors. If she tests me and I pass, our trust will be all the stronger because of it.

        And this is the great thing about this branching end. Those who sympathized with Kenny, Jane, or neither can walk away from this more or less satisfied. And in mine, Jane was right to overstep Kenny’s boundaries. In yours, it was her last mistake.

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