Post PAX Prime 2014 Show and Trailer!

September 9, 2014 in PAX, Show and Trailer by

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  1. How did you get the free t-shirt thingy? (After becomming turbo)

  2. Thank you Fraser, I’ve already gotten my code and shirt is on the way, i’ll post pictures showing it off later in thread. Thanks for making TURBO more awesome. I love you guys! I can’t express how excited I am! Keep being awesome!

  3. I would like go to PAX, but I’m living in Poland and for now I’m still struggle with some financial issues (being artist still in college is tough). When I will get normal, stable job I will gladly get Turbo account and I try to meet with you guys especially if you will visit gamescom. I enjoy the show from quite some time (I love Phoenix Wright shows) and I started watching when you were starting with your Minecraft stuff. Thank you for great entertainment.

  4. Thanks Becky and Fraser, you guys work hard and fast, thank you for all you do for this community.

  5. If you guys are still doing this 5 years from now, look for a MH3U hunter wearing a Leather set and using the basic Sword and Shield. If you’re going 6 years from now, look for the same person using the basic Dual Blades. I’ll be using that costume, but changing the weapon for years to come.

    The best part, I have 2 quests. Until I see you guys, I’ll be hunting down my dad or a friend, who will be dressed as an Azuros. They’ll stop in a clearing and we’ll fake-fight until they run away or I get defeated. Once I see you guys. My goal shifts to “Hunt VGA.” If you guys spot me, I won’t slay you. If you don’t by the end of each day, you will be jabbed lightly in the gut, then I’ll run away, yelling “QUEST COMPLETE!!!”

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