Minecraft AWESOME! 1.8 Update Tour!

September 14, 2014 in Minecraft, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. I was half-expecting this to start out with Mellis showing off some kind of slime-powered hot rod but I think that the holodeck idea was pretty creative and worked well.

    Personally, I hope that they keep the Java version for quite some time since, otherwise, the PC version would quickly become Windows-only. I have no idea what they would do with the server in that situation, either. Right now, I run my single-player on Mac and my server on Linux/ARM and they both work very well.

    I also don’t buy the “slow because Java” views on their performance issues. It wouldn’t explain why 1.8 performance appears to be so heavily dependent on GPU and it can’t begin to explain multi-player issues. My guess is that XBox performance seems better for a few unrelated reasons: not being stuck using an ancient OpenGL version (later versions are much better at reflecting how the hardware actually works), ground-up re-write of core logic (designed/written in terms of how things are, not how they were), and using some fixed-size data assumptions (there are odd limits regarding numbers of entities, etc).

    It would be nice to see them build that API and re-work their approach to network operations since they are either limited by bandwidth or just how their logic handles merging changes from multiple users (things like blocks re-appearing makes it seem like their approach is just not logically scalable).

    • There’s no reason why Minecraft would become Windows-only if it ditched Java. Programming languages like C++ are cross-platform.

      • I know that (I am a software developer) but they won’t. It is rare enough to have a game released for smaller platforms even when it takes almost no effort (in cases like this where the testing load to verify that the same Java code works is non-zero but small). If they actually need more in the way of build support and dealing with internal nuances of the platforms (while much of the underlying system library between Mac and Linux are largely similar, Windows is totally different), it just won’t happen.

        Plus, they would need to determine which targets they actually want to support. This matters more for the server but, as things work now, they just release the one JAR and it doesn’t matter where you run it (there is zero chance they would support Linux/ARM like I use for my server).

        Also, I still think that any performance win would come from other changes, not the move from Java. In fact, on the server, they would easily lose performance (as Java works very well for multi-threaded application servers).

      • There is one reason: Microsoft doesn’t want it to be compatible with competing platforms. There have been some Microsoft-published indie games that made it to Mac and Linux, but they weren’t super-best-sellers that were worth 2.5 billion smackers.

        Honestly, given the state Microsoft’s games division is in these days, I wouldn’t put it past them to discontinue the current version of the game entirely and make people buy a Windows 8 Metro app if they want to keep getting updates.

  2. If there weren’t Patrick texture packs before, there certainly will be now.

  3. The way Fraser reacted to those squids. Beautiful. I’ve missed these Minecraft shows!

  4. Man, I wished I could’ve seen this live! Darn… :(

  5. I was also trolled by the squid. :(

  6. From what I hear about banners you can have 400 to the sixteenth power combinations which is quite a lot

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