Jackbox Party Pack AWESOME!

December 18, 2014 in Jackbox Party Pack by

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  1. Really good job on this, a lot of funny moments to pick and laugh again.

  2. I really want to play that Drawful game now :p

  3. Since I can’t find the instructions for The Jackbox Party Pack anywhere, does anybody knows what happens in Drawful when you just happen to write the correct answer and how points are counted in this case?

    • I would imagine the same rules as Fibbage would apply; if you type the right answer, you’ll be told such and asked to make something up, and you get points for every person who guesses your wrong answer, and more points if you guess the right answer.

  4. I just knew 32 degrees C meant Fahrenheit was higher than that number, so I got it right. And Fahrenheit is clearly superior. YOU get with the times. =P

  5. Draw Something is a lot like the card game Dixit, without the drawing part.

    • The way to win Dixit is to only have some people pick your picture card. If everyone picks your card, you get no points. If everyone doesn’t pick you card, you don’t get points. The trick is to have your picture card make sense enough for it to work with the hint you’ve giver, but obscure enough that the other cards people play would work with the hint also.

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