Minecraft AWESOME! 2015!

January 11, 2015 in Minecraft by

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  1. Dead computer? Sounds like a good time to renew Turboship!

  2. Long Time Watcher, First Time Subscriber. Also I Love The Worlds You And Your Guests Create In Minecraft. So, Congrats And Keep Up The Good Work.

  3. Great to see you guys back in Minecraft and I completely agree that “starting out” is the most fun part of the game so restarting every month is a good idea. It also means that you don’t need to worry about running out of resources in a world, managing the transportation through a large world, or running into limitations around upgrades (like how the 1.7 world had no 1.8 blocks).

    Unfortunately, it does limit the feasibility of things like the epic spawn and world map created by the mods in the 1.7 world.

    I am not much of a gamer but your earlier Minecraft videos were the reason I bought the game, just over a year ago, so it is good to see a return.

  4. How expensive could a minecraft rig be?

    Needs as many cores as possible to give minecraft and the encoding a few cores each. (doesn’t need to be the fastest cpu just 4/6/8 cores to spread the load better)
    Needs 4/6 banks of ram, with at least 8/12 Gb filling half the slots, to leave room for improvemnt. (although i don’t seen minecraft doing such leaps that it will require more in the close-ish future)
    Needs good cooling.
    Needs good power supply.
    Needs a small HDD.(preferably SSD)
    Graficscard is almost irrelevant.
    Full HD monitor.
    well and a small-ish PC case.

    I doubt you’d have to spend more than 500 bucks for a minecraft streaming machine, right?
    Although, i guess it has to be a MAC, right? Not sure what apple got in the beefy, small and inexpensive department.

  5. So glad I got to be a part of this! It was quite fun, when I wasn’t panicking about being lost several times. =P

    I’d consider making something high up and easy to see to pinpoint the center of town. A beacon would be nice, but it’d take a lot of time to gather those materials, especially the wither star.
    I could also just mass produce maps for others. =P

    • Maybe the mods could build a beacon at spawn whenever the server is reset?

      • Althooough thinking about it, because the Show Server’s worlds are going to be relatively small (2000 blocks from spawn in any direction, right?), I guess getting lost won’t be too bad – You’ll know you’ve gone too far when you see the world border! Turbos might just have to keep note of the town’s location with Minecraft’s F3 screen.

        (Kinda wish the comments had an edit button, oops)

  6. I can completely understand Frash’s old curmudgeon stace on extremely popular Youtubers. Now while I agree with him on the sentiment that it makes no sense why there this incredibly popular, I do however sympathise with them a bit. Most of internet finds it completely ok and justified to relentlessly bully, torment, and spam popular Youtubers such as Markiplier or the infamous Pewdiepie. Which is sad, because while their content is lacking substance they do a LOT for charity and seem to be genuinely nice people. I just wish people could simply not watch their show politely instead of feeling the need to sabotage the show and its fans. Buuuuut enough of that! Back to something more happy and ontopic. I love you’re this new regenerated Turbo Minecraft idea! It would make Minecraft noobs like me feel a little less intimidated to join the server! And I will definitely make sure to pay my taxes when I join! :)

  7. Shame I cannot seem to get my computer to allow this Minecraft server. Still, I shall be looking forward to seeing more of these episodes and to hopefully be able to explore them as them are put into archive form so I can see what everyone has done.

  8. I have gone and done lets-plays, Frash Frash. :[

  9. I got banned from the server 3 seconds in. I am deeply saddened because I know what I did wrong and did not get a warning, but a ban. I can not find out who banned me, but I was not told anything when I connected, so I just ran around, opened an open chest, took 3 bones out of it, and got banned. Again, I know that was stupid of me, but I don’t see how that is worthy of a perma-ban, because I put the stuff back and I was 6 seconds on the server. Please, someone help me, I’d like some moderator contact.

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